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Food Pyramid
Vegetarian, Food Guide Pyramid, Modified Food Pyramid for Mature (70+) Adults, PCRM
Celiac Disease, Gluten Free Casein Free Diet, Mainstream Products that are Gluten-Free, The Gluten-Free Page
Low Carbohydrate
Atkins Diet, Active Low Carber Forum, Alt.support.diet.low-carb FAQ, Bestlowcarbs.com, Bridgette's Low Carb Site, CarbHealth, Carbohydrate Addicts' Network, Carbohydrates in Nutrition, Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, Diet Depot, High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet
Macrobiotics in Cleveland, Non Credo Kushi Macrobiotic Newsletter, The Macrobiotic Guide
Australian Bushfoods, Beyond Vegetarianism, Life Service Supplements Robert Crayhon interview, The African Marula Fruit, The Paleolithic Diet Page
Kids and Teens, Aboutproduce.com, Ask the Dietitian, HCF Nutrition Foundation, Healthy Vegetarian, International Vegetarian Union, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Position of The American Dietetic Association: Veg, Surfing Veggies, The Vegetarian Society, Vegetarian Food Pyramid
5 A Day Web Site
Plan designed to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to five or more servings a day to improve health of Americans.
Conceptual training on eating to fuel your life from Robyn Landis.
Dr. Bass
Practitioner with many years experience as a natural hygiene doctor. Information on a diverse folio of food issues.
Fad/Popular Diets
Reviews of the most recent dietary option crazes: from Atkins to Sugarbusters.
Innerself Magazine
You are what you eat, but you should eat what you are. This means each of us should eat the optimal diet compatible with our blood type.
Kushi Institute
Macrobiotic education including recovery programs and eating tips for health and healing. Information about the institute also provided.
Low Sugar Cooking at Home
A resource center for those who require low sugar content in their diet.
Natural Nutrition and Dietary Therapy
Advice and consulting for consumers about issues including diets, nutrition, health, and eating habits.
Raw Food Diet
Normalize weight and feel energized with a raw food diet.
The Nutrition Center
A source of accurate current nutritional information for both the general and professional reader.