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Australian Bushfoods
Describes wild seeds, fruits, herbs and vegetables eaten by the aboriginal gatherer-hunters of Australia.
Beyond Vegetarianism
Refutes some vegetarian, raw-food, veganism, fruitarianism, and instinctive eating assertions and discusses paleolithic diet research and clinical nutrition in considerable depth.
Life Service Supplements Robert Crayhon interview
The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications - An interview with Loren Cordain, PhD by Robert Crayhon, MS, nutritionist. Slightly technical, and argues against legumes and cereals in the PaleoDiet.
The African Marula Fruit
Notes from the Kew Garden survey of economic plants for arid areas on the marula fruit, a fruit which is used extensively by African people, and is authentically paleodiet.
The Paleolithic Diet Page
A page of annotated links to sites for the Paleolithic Diet, also called a hunter/gatherer diet. Includes articles and interviews with leading proponents of the Paleodiet.