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Anyara's Movieland
Quotes from films, television programs, and celebrities.
Entertainment portal for Ireland includes event listings searchable by date, location and type.
Back Porch Reviews
Information, news, and reviews for movies, television, music, and celebrities.
BBC News ; Entertainment
Entertainment news from the BBC.
Blue fortune Entertainment
For independent artists in film, music, and comics. Includes live video footage of underground artists and independent short films, as well as interviews, reviews and articles.
Blunt Review
Covers movies, music, and theater. Includes news, reviews, and interviews.
CIA: Cinematic Intelligence Agency
News, previews and reviews for music, films, and television, as well as release dates, images, DVD and VHS content, and a "Star trek" database.
News, discussion, and downloads related to movies, music, theatre, and dance. Includes newsletters.
Reviews, news, and opinions on recently released discs.
E! Online
Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, games and community.
Echelon Entertainment
Free games, fantasy sports, and horoscopes.
Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
Annotated bibliography of fictional timelines from television shows, movies, books, games, and comics.
eDrive - Entertainment Drive
Movie news, exclusive interviews, link collections, and photo galleries. Profiles and reviews on movies, television and celebrities.
Entertainment event guide. Membership based.
Entertain Your Brain
News, reviews, and information for fans of movies, television, music, books, and video games.
Entertainment Asylum
Celebrity bios and profiles, industry news, interviews and message boards. A complete entertainment wrap-up for film and television.
Entertainment News & Celebrity Gossip
News, gossip, and reviews focused on television, movies, celebrities, and music.
Entertainment Scene
Statistics and links on movies, music, books, theater, entertainment-related awards, and celebrities. Includes list of fast-food tie-ins to movies and television shows.
Entertainment Tonight Online
Hollywood news and gossip.
Entertainment World
Movies, music and TV industry news, breaking news, festival information, film reviews, event calender, celebrity gossip, and fashion trends in Hollywood.
Entertainment Zone, The
Downloads of movie trailers, selected video clips, music videos, and Hindi MP3s.
Industry news and reviews covering gaming, movies, music, television, and comics.
Extra TV
Entertainment news, celebrity gossip, and top ten lists.
Online starting point for film-makers and film-lovers. A movie-oriented community site and search engine.
Hobgoblins And Eskimos
Cynical look at music, films and life in general. Reviews, comments and other gubbins. Movies and albums are praised and lampooned by bitter teenagers.
Hollywood Tattler
Entertainment weblog with gossip, trivia, celebrity information and opinions.
Covers Hollywood and the motion picture industry with content including video clips, trailers, soundbites, photos, games, celebrities, news, and event coverage.
Information Please Entertainment Almanac
Facts on entertainment awards, stars, celebrities and statistics, TV, music, movies and theater, and biographies.
Inventing Entertainment
Edison motion picture and sound recordings at the Library of Congress.
iVillage Entertainment
News and commentary on television, movies, music, books, and celebrities. Includes message boards, gossip, quizzes, and newsletters.
James Wegg Review
Ratings and commentary focusing on professional performing arts companies and related films/DVDs/CDs, as well as books. Includes short fiction.
JB Gamers Online
News and reviews on videogames, movies and music.
Kel Vintage
News and reviews covering celebrities, movies, novels, short stories, and television.
Liquid Light Productions
A San Francisco based Psychedelic Light show company based in the tradition of the old style oil projection light shows. All types of visual projection.
Mediabox 101
News and reviews covering movies, music, and videogames. Includes forums and downloads.
Movieprop.com's Entertainment Pages
Reviews of entertainment works sorted by genre; coverage of cult movie classics; information on collecting wardrobe items owned by entertainment stars. Also discusses video games and anime.
Our Home
Multicultural music, video clips, screen captures, wallpapers, fan art, and pictures from Chinese entertainment media.
Pazsaz Entertainment Network
News and database of information on flms, television shows, cartoons, and theme parks.
News and reviews of videogame, DVD and film reviews. Also features forum.
Pulp Film
Reviews and articles about film, anime, and computer games. Includes message board.
Reviews By Guild
Covers music and movies. Includes news, reviews, and commentary.
Movie news and reviews, as well as message forums on films, music, and television.
Save the Robot
Reviews of musicians, films, and other pop culture. Includes interviews and TV column.
Covers Japanese entertainment, including sentai, tokusatsu, and anime. Includes reviews, previews, and forums.
Screen & Steel
Articles and reviews covering heavy-metal music and exploitation movies.
Screen Source
Lists and trivia related to films, television, celebrities, theaters, and related topics.
Focuses on the British entertainment scene. Includes commentary and analysis related to films, television, and people.
Searchbug Entertainment Search
Movies showtimes and database, Zagat restaurant reviews, TV grids (cable, local, satellite), concert schedules and lottery results.
Sight and Sound
Collection of movie and music quizzes.
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Destination for SPE film and television properties, home video & DVD content, the Game Show Network, and gateway to other Sony sites.
Space of Lumpen
Entertainment and culture resource featuring articles, music samples, online radio stations and independent short films, plus concert, performer and Dj information.
Talking Pictures
Movie and celebrity news, reviews of films and entertainment-related books, articles, interviews, and commentary.
The Cinema Source
News, reviews, trailers, contests, and statistics covering films, theatre, and television.
The Digital Review
DVD reviews, news, press releases, release dates, and discussion forum.
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
Database of science fiction, horror, fantasy and animation in cinema and television.
The Junkie
An entertainment portal that provides resources for you to find information on your passions, from adrenalin to business to computers to films to games to knowledge to media to music to shopping to eclecticness.
The List of #1's
Collection of lists of favorite music, movies, novels, athletes, cartoon characters.
The Listology
User-contributed, searchable collection of music, movie, and book lists. Includes reviews and commentary.
The Lively Set
News, reviews and features on celebrities from movies, music and television popular in the 1950s and early 1960s.
The Nexus Void
News and reviews covering games, movies, music, and books. Includes community forums.
The One Network
Interviews, trailers, news, and downloads focusing on movies, music, fashion, and exteme sports.
The Weekly Script
Collection of scripts for television, movies, and radio shows, downloadable in plain-text format. Includes list of Academy Award-winning films.
A virtual city for fans of underground entertainment and culture. Also includes games and streaming media.
Upcoming movies, video games, consoles, and DVDs. Includes message boards, image galleries, and downloads.
News, pictures, and features focusing on movies, home entertainment, music, and entertainment personalities, tailored for an urban audience.
USA Black Entertainment
Current information regarding movies, music, books, television, and radio as it concerns African Americans.
Warner Bros. Online
Warner Brothers movie and television studios. [Requires JavaScript.]
Waving Alien
Commentary on film projects, television shows, dream database, weekly columns, poems, essays, music reviews, and alternative views on a variety of topics.
We Hate You and Your Horrendous Taste in Everythin
News and reviews from self-described "elitists," covering cinema, music, visual art, games, and advertising.
We Review Everything
Covers movies, music and video games. Includes news and reviews related to DVD releases, musical artists, and Playstation 2 games.
Topics include games, movies, and anime, as well as general entertainment news.
News and reviews on movies, videogames, anime. Includes trailers and downloads.
Zion One
Entertainment listings including TV, radio, nightclubs, and theater in the U.K. Includes reviews and information on jobs in the industry.