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A Fistful of Reviews
Includes reviews of contemporary and classic movies and essays on film themes [requires Flash plugin].
Aaron West Film Reviews
Review site with a focus on artistic, independent, and foreign movies.
Aggressive-Voice: Movie Reviews
Full and capsule reviews of current theater releases, with letter grades.
Ain't It Cool News
Archive of reviews by critic Harry Knowles.
Alternative Film Guide
Reviews of new and old films, with film-related news and commentary.
Apollo Movie Guide
Contests, ratings, reviews, and links.
BigSpeeg's Movie Reviews
Reviews of new and classic films, as well as video rentals. Also includes interviews, polls, forums, and links.
Bright Lights Film Journal: Reviews
Archived film reviews. Examine works from a wide range of vantage points, from the aesthetic to the political.
Celluloid Closet
Reviews from the Baghdad by the Bay guide to things to do in San Francisco.
Chicago Sun-Times: Roger Ebert
Full and capsule film reviews from the acclaimed critic. Also includes film festival details, interviews, and essays.
Chronicle Of A Passion
Film reviews and commentary by Steve Erickson, with a concentration on foreign film.
Cinematic Reflections
Film reviews and criticism from Online Film Critics Society member Derek Smith.
Reviews of movies released since 1995. Includes a theatrical and video release dates database.
Film reviews of new releases with a focused analysis and a comparative view within the world of cinema.
Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Reviews celebrating B-movies and cult films of all kinds.
Cozzi Fan Tutti Celluloid Musings
Film reviews from a psychoanalytic perspective. Features current and archived reviews, forums, and links.
Cranky Critic
Review based strictly on their entertainment value. Cranky rates movies by the cost of a ticket.
Crazy for Cinema
Reviews of films from various genres. Also includes celebrity profiles.
Critic Doctor
Herb Kane reviews movies and the film critics themselves.
Critical Mass
Reviews of current releases by T.C. Candler. Also includes an archive of film ratings and actor profiles.
Critically Ill Film Reviews
Reviews of current and past movies from film critic Michael Brendan McLarney.
Archived reviews with a multicultural perspective.
Dark Horizons
Includes reviews and script reviews from this site and linked into from this site.
David Macdonald's Movie Reviews
Reviews of classic, international and some contemporary films.
Deep Focus
Reviews and production details, listed alphabetically, by genre, or by letter grade.
Dr. Muerte's Review Archive
Reviews of independent films from an anti-pop-culture perspective.
Film reviews, news, and interviews.
Drunken Fist: Movies
A collection of Rob Larsen's reviews and articles for independent, foreign, and Hollywood movies.
DVD Classic Corner
Reviews of "Golden Age Classics" that are available on DVD.
DVD Confidential
Reviews of independent, cult and classic movies.
Empire Online
Movie site with film reviews from the UK film magazine.
Entertainment Insiders
Reviews of current releases and rentals. Also includes industry news and a forum.
Eric Harrison On Film
Current movie reviews and essays by a film critic.
eSpudd Movie Reviews
Reviews of current and past theatre releases, including animated films.
Feed My Ego
Reviews by critic Scott Ventura. Archived alphabetically and by MPAA rating.
Current and archived film reviews.
Film Database
Searchable database of various reviews.
Film Fodder
Reviews of current films graded on a letter scale. Also includes message boards.
Film Freak Central
Reviews of current theatrical and DVD releases.
Film in Context
Online archive of film reviews, actor and director profiles, and interviews.
Film Threat: Reviews
Archive of reviews from the indie film site.
Film Week
Microsoft Word transcripts of Larry Mantle's weekly radio program, which features reviews of the latest theatrical and home video releases, and issues involving movies and society.
Criticism of current and past films, as well as essays and top 10 lists.
Reviews of theatrical and video releases.
Film reviews, news, contests, media, and discussion.
Film reviews by critic Matt Heffernan. Includes a video pick of the week.
User-submitted reviews and previews for both independent and mainstream releases.
Films Graded
Brian Koller reviews a variety of films, listed alphabetically, by year, or by genre.
Films Outside the Loop
Reviews of independent films and dark comedies by Jeanne Chappé.
Flipside Movie Emporium
Reviews and commentary on mainstream and independent films.
Frey and Scuz Movie Reviews
Reviews for those people who find mainstream reviews to be written by old fogeys.
Gerald Peary - Film Reviews
Reviews for contemporary independent films.
Goatdog's Movies
Alphabetized list of reviews for theatrical and video releases.
Gorilla Pants Movie Reviews
Includes current films, archives and lists of related movies.
Greenwich Village Gazzette: Movie Reviews
Current and archived film reviews by Eric Lurio.
Haro Online
Haro and Mongoose review mainstream, foreign, and independent movies.
Harvey's Movie Reviews
Reviews with an academic slant by a film studies teacher from Ireland.
Henry Sheehan
Film and DVD reviews, essays, and resources.
His and Her Movie Picks
A married couple rates their favorite 100 movies and also reviews AFI's top 100 movies.
Hollywood.com: Movie Reviews
List of reviews for recently released films, sorted by rating.
Houston Press Online: Film
Full and capsule reviews of current and past films.
Iggy's Movie Reviews Weblog
Independent reviews of recently released major motion pictures. Includes archives, lists and links.
IGN FilmForce: Reviews
Reviews of current films.
IMDb: Newsgroup Review Archives
Archives of reviews posted to a prominent review newsgroup, sorted by posting date.
In Film Australia
Australian online movie magazine, featuring cinema and DVD reviews, articles, forums, and release dates.
InFilm Australia
Australia's online movie magazine. Features reviews for cinema and video, release dates, articles, and online discussion.
Ink & Ashes Film Reviews
Reviews from the perspective that film critics should blend the roles of movie-lover, consumer advocate, and art interpreter.
Into Liquid Sky: Movie Reviews
Current and archived reviews of theatrical and video releases.
Includes film, video and DVD reviews for the UK.
Reviews and editorials by Jakob Brzovic and staff.
JLB Movies
Reviews of theatrical and DVD releases, as well as classics.
JoBlo's Movie Emporium
Reviews of films new to theatres and DVD. Includes film preview news.
Joe Does the Movies
Joe Clark's accessible movie reviews of captioned and audio-described first-run films.
Joey the Film Geek
Current and past reviews, commentary on cinema, and top ten lists.
Current and archived film reviews from a UK-based magazine.
Film and DVD reviews.
Lights Out Entertainment: Movie Reviews
Reviews focusing on current theatrical releases.
Man Who Viewed Too Much
Mike D'Angelo's reviews of current and past mainstream, independent, and foreign films.
Mark Reviews Movies
Film reviews and criticism by Mark Dujsik.
MediaCircus: Movie Reviews
Reviews and analytical articles covering new, classic, arthouse, and foreign films.
Reviews listed alphabetically. Movies are graded with bottles of milk.
Movie Den
Reviews of classic, horror, current release, and DVD films.
Movie Gazette
Reviews of new cinema and DVD releases with a special focus on the UK.
Movie Habit
Offers information and reviews on a range of films.
Movie Martyr
Reviews and criticism by Jeremy Heilman, with a focus on foreign and independent cinema.
Movie Reviews by Edwin Jahiel
Alphabetical index of reviews, including many foreign films. Also features Cannes festival diaries and a cinephile shopping list.
Reviews of current releases as well as classic and not so classic films.
Reviews, previews, and pictures.
MovieCat Cinema
Alphabetical listing of reviews by Catherine Krummey.
MovieFreak.com: Reviews
Ratings and reviews of current and past films.
Reviews and ratings for Australian and US theatrical releases by Clint Morris.
Current film reviews. Includes previews, trailer information and editorial content.
Movieman's Guide to the Movies
Alphabetized list of rated and reviewed films.
Movies and More Movies
Archived reviews of movies in theaters and on video.
Movies Into Film
Reviews and essays by N.P. Thompson.
Movies of the 90's
Contains articles about movies, related links, and a discussion board.
Current movie reviews written by published teen columnist Jamey Hughton.
Reviews of films currently in theaters.
Mr. Brown's Movie Site
Reviews of the latest films, articles, interviews and links.
Mr. Cranky Rates The Movies
Movie reviews with a decidedly negative overtone.
Mr. Mikey's Video Views
Collected reviews by published reviewer Michael Dlugos, who says he writes from the viewpoint of a movie lover rather than a critic.
My Two Cents
Capsule and full reviews of current and past films, as well as essays, top lists, and related links.
Ninth Symphony Films
Reviews for a variety of films starting from the year 2000.
Nitrate Online
Current and archived film reviews with a focus on independent and art cinema.
Searchable collection of reviews for Hollywood and foreign films.
Normal Guy Movie Reviews
Film reviews and ratings sorted by genre.
Tracking the evolution of gay culture, on screen and off.
Ozus' World Movie Reviews
Alphabetical archive of both full and capsule reviews from various eras. Includes a film noir section.
Phil Haverstick's Movie Reviews
Reviews of independent and foreign films.
Planet Sick-Boy
Film and video reviews, release schedules and weekly giveaways.
Popkorn Junkie
Reviews of current theatrical releases, DVD and video films. Also includes box office statistics.
Premier Movie Reviews
Ireland-based site with reviews, ratings and information on recent cinema and video releases.
Film and DVD reviews by James Kendrick, indexed alphabetically.
Qwipster's Movie Reviews
Film reviews by Vince Leo, specializing in current releases as well as classics, from the mainstream to the obscure.
Reel Criticism
New reviews list, alphabetized archive, articles, columns, movie posters, upcoming movie list and links.
Reel Film Reviews
Reviews by Online Film Critics Society member David Nusair.
Reel Movie Critic
Current and archived reviews of theatrical and art house films, with screenshots.
Reeling's Film Review Archive
Collection of film ratings and reviews by Robin and Laura Clifford, hosts of a Boston television program dedicated to reviewing films.
Thousands of reviews by newsgroup critic James Berardinelli.
Reports from the Edge
Movie reviews and information, Dueling Critics, Academy Awards information.
Respect's Movie Reviews
Alphabetical index of reviews of various films, with ratings.
Reviews On The Side
Reviews of various films, alphabetically indexed.
Rob's Movie Vault
Reviews of current and past movies by Rob Gonsalves, organized alphabetically.
Rohznuka Online
Movie reviews, entertainment editorials, annual film awards, links, and a top one hundred list.
Rolling Stone - Movie Reviews
Reviews of new movies by Rolling Stone magazine editors.
Ross Anthony's Hollywood Report Card
Movie reviews and interviews by Ross Anthony.
Scott's Movie Reviews
Alphabetized collection of links to the author's reviews in various online locales.
Serbian Cinemaniac
Alphabetized list of reviews by Igor Stanojevic.
Sex, Bullets and Popcorn
Reviews of current and past films by Charles Schoellenbach.
Shade.ca: Movie Reviews
Alphabetized list of reviews. Each review includes film stills and recommendations.
Slant Magazine
Webzine featuring reviews and articles on current and classic film and music, interviews, box office predictions, and DVD coverage.
Slightly-Rebel Film Criticism
Reviews films that garner respect and also make profits.
Some Movie Reviews by Peter Reiher
Archive of film reviews released prior to 1994.
Current and classic film reviews.
Stomp Tokyo
Reviews of films from a variety of genres.
Telugu Cinema Reviews
Ratings, analyses, and reviews of Telugu films, by Jeevi.
The Aisle View
A weekly column featuring reviews of recently released movies.
The Alpha Town
Reviews of foreign films and straight-to-video films.
The Balcony Movie Reviews
Reviews by Felix Vasquez, indexed alphabetically. Also includes monthly film picks and a forum.
The Book Lover's Guide to Cinema
Ratings and reviews of movies current and past by a graduate student in English literature.
The Chief Report
Reviews of recent movies both in the theater and on video. Includes message boards and polls.
The Cinematheque
Film reviews and lists with a slant toward World Cinema and Art Films.
The Cinematic Verses
Reviews and commentary on independent and mainstream films.
The Dead Projectionist
Criticism, personal commentary, and reviews on film and DVD.
The Film Chair
Current and archived reviews and theater showtimes.
The Film Cradle
Theatrical release, video rental, and script reviews. Also features information and trailers for upcoming movies.
The Film Habit
Weekly syndicated entertainment column.
The Film Tribune
Full reviews of films ranging from the silent era to present releases.
The Filthy Critic
Archived reviews of current and past releases.
The Flick Chicks
Movie reviews by a circle of female critics.
The Flick Filosopher
Reviews of current and classic films, including every best picture Oscar winner.
The Flipcritic
Film reviews from a Filipino who loves movies.
The Horse
Pre- and post-release reviews as well as festival specials.
The Movie Boy
Theatrical release and DVD reviews by Dustin Putnam.
The Movie Doc
Looks at the overall health of a movie, as well as at each of the individual systems which comprise it, yielding a prognosis. Features current and past films.
The Movie Insider: Reviews
Database of movie reviews for mainstream, foreign, and independent releases.
The Movie Vault
Archived reviews and trivia for mostly non-mainstream films.
The New York Times: Movies
Archive of this newspaper's film reviews, including all reviews since 1983 and other selected reviews going back to 1929, including all Academy Award "Best Picture" winners.
The Popcorn Chronicles
Films reviewed by Steve Marshall and Patty Miller-Marshall.
The Reel McCoy
Movie reviews by Patrick McCoy.
Current and archived movie reviews by Curtis Edmonds.
Varied Celluloid
Reviews that span many genres.
Video Reviews by Joan Ellis
Search from a list of movie and video reviews by title or by single quotes.
Videoflicks.com: Movie Reviews
Current and past films reviewed by Rob Paul.
Waffle Movies
Reviews of independent films as well as big studio pictures that deserve a second chance on video.
Weekly Film
Reviews of recent and older movies from various genres.
Welcome to Hell
Glenn Walker's weblog of film reviews.
Xiibaro: Movie Reviews
Collection of movie reviews by David Perry.
Your Movie Connection
Reviews and box office criticism by teen critic Jake Sproul.
Zap2it.com: Movie Reviews
Searchable database of current theatre releases, accompanied by U.S. showtimes.