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DOS and Windows
Wine, Clone OS to Run Windows Apps, DOSBox, DOSEMU, Eliel Software Development, Flopper, MacWindows, Project David, WABI
Microsoft Virtual PC
Connectix Virtual PC 5.2, Microsoft Virtual PC 2004, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, Robert Moir, Steve Jain: VPC/VS Downloads, Virtual PC Guy's WebLog, VSPlus for Virtual Server 2005, What Works and What Doesn't in Virtual PC 200
FreeOSZoo, KQEMU - KDE GUI For QEMU, MorphixWiki - Qemu, Qeasy, QEMU CPU Emulator, Qemu Launcher, Qemu on Windows, Qemu patches, Qemu Powerpc Linux kernel and Preptool, Qemu USB
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About Virtualization
This site blogs on x86 virtualization platforms and has a archive containing documentation and whitepaper links.
A graphical debugger interface for Bochs. Description, downloads, screenshots, a discussion forum and news about current releases.
A dynamic binary translator that runs programs on architectures they were not compiled for. It does this by dynamically translating the machine code of the programs to be run to machine code for the native architecture. Documentation, screenshots, downloads.
Bochs IA-32 Emulator Project
An open source emulator for all popular architectures and operating systems.
An addition to Bochs that connects to an emulated OS over a network using the RFB protcol used in VNC. Provides news about the application and lists available releases.
A collection of scripts and programs to be used together with the Bochs-emulator. The main goal was to provide a Unix-like interface to the emulator and to enable access to Bochs disk-images from outside of Bochs.
A page providing some additional information about running bochs on Windows. Provides a registry-file to start bochs with double-click on the configuration-files.
BYTE.com - Building the Virtual PC
A software emulator shows that the PowerPC can emulate another computer, down to its very hardware.
Computerworld.com - Windows Emulators for Linux: V
Computerworld community member Charles Bushong tests and compares Windows emulation packages for Linux and finds clear differences.
Digital FX!37
Running 32-bit x86 Applications on Windows NT Alpha. A paper from the Usenix Windows NT Workshop.
Basic 8086 emulator for Windows. Includes short tutorial and list of commands supported.
Guest PC -
Virtual x86 Computer for Macs, runs instead of Mac OS for better performance.
How Bochs works under the hood
A description of how Bochs is implemented internally (Work in progress).
Intel 486 CPU Emulator
Emulates a full Intel 486 CPU emulator. It can emulate both real and protected mode.
L4Ka and Bochs
L4Ka is a new generation microkernel than runs on Pentium-level PCs or StrongARM. This site describes how to run it together with Bochs.
Legacy IBM PC Emulator
An open source emulator of the 8086-based IBM PC architecture, developed in C++. It is designed to recreate the experience of playing early IBM PC "bootable" games.
Paul's Weblog - Virtual PC 2004
A how-to guide on Virtual PC 2004 from Microsoft. Covers setting up Linux and playing old DOS games.
PCE - IBM PC Emulator
An IBM PC 5150 emulator. The emulation is complete enough to boot DOS and run most DOS applications. Description and Downloads.
An open source alternative to VMWare.
Plex86 x86 Virtual Machine Project
Simulates a x86 processor and can be used to run Linux as a guest. It also can be used to accelerate bochs by executing user code inside the plex86 VM, while letting bochs execute kernel code and IO functionality inside the emulator.
Serenity Virtual Station
Allows to run "virtual personal computers" on a PC. Describes the product, availability and provides online-support.
SkyEye Project
An Open Source Software Project. The goal is to provide an integrated simulation environment in Linux and Windows. Simulates typical Embedded Computer Systems. Download, documentation, demos.
Software-only 8086 PC emulator for X
Emulate a basic PC with a VGA text-only display.
Alessandro Perilli's blog covering Microsoft, VMWare and related virtual machine products.
Produced by CodeArts. Virtualization Management Tools for Enterprise Application Center and Virtual DataCenter management. Products, service, support, purchase.
Wabi Cpu Emulation
Describes the emulation defined by Sun Microsystems.
Win4Lin - NeTraverse
The developers of the Win4Lin virtualizer and related tools.
Xen virtual machine monitor
A virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with focus on performance and resource isolation. Describes architecture, documentation, changelog and downloads. [Open Source]
A 80186 PC emulator for the Windows CE operating system.