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Accelerated Graphics Port, Accelerated Graphics Port Bus, AGP, AGP, AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port, AGP Technology Tutorial, Does AGP really Improve Performance?, The Accelerated Graphics Port
Busmastering IDE drives, Click and Learn by Michael B. Karbo, EIDE versus SCSI, Hardware Documentation - Buses - ATA/ATAPI, Hardware Upgrade, The Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA FAQ, Using EIDE Drives in DV
Advanced Horizons, Data Structures For EISA/ISA Bus Device Drivers, TechFest, Writing EISA and ISA Bus Device Drivers
Fibre Channel
CERN Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel EISA Interfaces, Fibre Channel GigaRing Channel Interfaces, Fibre Channel PCI/PMC Interfaces, Fibre Channel S-bus Interfaces, Fibre Channel Tutorial, Fibre Channel, SCSI and You, Fibre Channel: Fast Fibre Outpaces Rivals, Plan to Merge Fibre Channel and SSA Moves Ahead
Fibre Channel - Mapping to HIPPI-FP (FC-FP), HIPPI PH, HIPPI Standard at CERN, HIPPI-SC, HIPPI-Serial, IP Over HIPPI, The High Performance Networking Forum
I2C and ACCESS Bus, I2C Components, I2C Interface Support in Windows, I2C Interfacing via PC Parallel Port, I2C Software Drivers, I2C Zone, I²C-Bus for Linux, Link Instruments, The I2C Control System, The I2C FAQ 2.0
I 2 O Beats I/O Bottlenecks, I2O - Power and Control, I2O Definition, What is I2O?
IEEE 1394
1394 High Performance Serial Bus, 1394 Newsletter, 1394 Printer Working Group, Apple Developer Connection: Firewire, EDN Access, FireWire Serial Bus Burns Rubber, IEEE 1394, IEEE 1394 Trade Association, Multimedia Applications of IEEE 1394, Quick Overview of IEEE 1394
ISA Bus Technical Summary, PC Interfacing Tutorials, PC Tech The Expansion Bus
Hardware Documentation - Buses - MCA, Micro Channel Linux Home Page, Peter H. Wendt, Su's PS/2 Page, Tavi PS/2 Pages, TechFest, What is MicroChannel Architecture?
A PCI Links Page, Pat Duffy's PCI Chipset's List, PCI - Efficient Use, PCI Specifications, PIC Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, The PCI Special Interest Group, What's New With PCI
PCI Express
AnandTech, Ars Technica, Intel.com, Neoseeker.com, PCI-SIG, Tom's Hardware Guide, Wikipedia
How to Install a PCMCIA Card, Infared Data Association - IrDA, Miniature Card Technology Primer, New Bus Architectures, PC Card FAQ, PC Card Technology Primer, SmartMedia Technology Primer, Warp Nine Engineering - When You've Got That
Computer Tips, HW Server, Keith's RS-232 Library, Quick Reference, RS-232, RS-232 Diagnosis Tech Bulletin From Mike Sandman, Serial/Rs-232 Interfacing, The RS232 Standard
Expanders, FAQs, Host Adapters, Standards, Technical, Test Equipment, Advanced Horizons, All About SCSI, Common SCSI Bus Connectors, Expanding the SCSI Bus, IDE Vs. SCSI, IP-Over-SCSI, iSCSI, Let's Talk About SCSI, Linux, On-Line Extraction of SCSI Disk Drive Parameters
A Look at FireWire and USB, CNN.com, Cypress, Developer - Universal Serial Bus, Embedded.com, Everything USB, Macspeedzone.com, Spread Spectrum Scene, Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum, Universal Serial Bus Information
An Introduction To VME, CSD Magazine, Frequently Asked Questions, PCI and VMEbus - Who's the Winner?, VITA - The VMEbus International Trade Association, VITA Journal, VITA Membership Roster, Vita Publications List, VITA Standards Organization, VME International Physics Association
Offers information about ATA and ATAPI devices. Also provides drivers and historical information.
Beyond Logic
Includes detailed information on USP, serial ports (RS-232), parallel ports (SPP/ECP/EPP/IEEE1284) and device drivers.
The online publication for designers and builders of bus/board-based systems.
Computer Architecture : What is a Bus?
The basic computer bus is explained and information is provided regarding ISA, PCI, MCA, EISA, VESA, and VL-Bus architecture.
Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Explains what a bus is and is hyperlinked to additional information.
Guide to ATA/ATAPI Documentation
Intended for developers of IDE/ATAPI OS drivers.
Keeping Up to Speed With Connectivity
Anna Trett of Oxford Semiconductor looks at where connectivity standards are going and how designers can keep up with the pace of change using proven, economical, bridging solutions.
Leroy's Engineering Web Site
Containing detailed interface bus standards and engineering design information.
Interface and bus glossary.
PC/104 Supplier Link Page
Provides links to many PC/104 embedded computing vendors with descriptions of the company's offerings.
Technical Committee T13 AT Attachment
Responsible for all interface standards relating to the popular AT Attachment (ATA) storage interface utilized as the disk drive interface on most personal and mobile computers today.
The Hardware Book
Provides circuits, pinouts, cable and adapter descriptions plus other technical information.
The I/O Bus
This article covers bus, its history and status, PCI, EISA, MCA, bus mastering, plug and play, and the bleeding edge. From Introduction to PC Hardware.
The fight for an open hardware platform is very real, and the power has swung from the PC leaders to the entertainment industry.