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Avoka Technologies, Benchmark Resources, Benchmarks For PCs, BenchWeb, Bonnie, Chris' Lightwave Benchmarks, CPU Benchmarks with POVRAY, Dacris Benchmarks .NET, David Kubelka, E2 Systems Limited
Capacity Planning
Books, Capacitas, Capacity Planning, Characterizing Web Response Time, CIMS Lab, Inc., Clairvoyant Software - Capacity Planning Solutions, CMG - Computer Measurement Group, DB2 System Performance Metrics, Load Balancing Your Web Site, NetScout Systems, Inc., PerfCap Corporation
CPU Saturation Models
Automated Clustering Based Workload Characterizati, Characterizing Reference Locality in the WWW, Optimizing your http server software, Performance of Commercial Workloads, The Practical Performance Analyst, Watching your Web server
Response Time Models
Queueing network models, Web Performance Monitoring
ATL-CSIM: System Simulation and Modeling Tools.
Lockheed Advanced Technology Labs' CSIM is a general purpose discrete-event simulator for block diagram oriented systems. Graphical/interactive or text/batch simulations. Not to be confused with Mesquite Software's CSIM18, another simulation tool.
Future Star Services
Brief overview of some tools for performance measurement on UNIX systems.
Internet Speed Boost Solutions
Modem tweaks and browser tips to speed up Internet access. Reports web accelerator software options which claim full optimization.
Quantitative System Performance
Introductory text on analytic computer performance models. Complete text is available as searchable PDF. Published in 1984.
Stratton & English Software - Performance Spec
Provider of Internet Software Services, specialising in Performance Investigations - including performance prediction, optimisation and testing.
The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis
Raj Jain's 1992 text provides a comprehensive introduction. His site includes lecture notes for many chapters (but not all) and errata.
University Classes on Computer Performance
Web sites for academic classes on computer performance. Typical contents include syllabi, readings, homework, and lecture notes. Useful to students, instructors and practitioners who want to review the basics.