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Daffodil DB Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driv
A high-performance 32 Bit ODBC Driver that provides transparent access to remote databases from any ODBC-compliant application.
DataDirect Connect ODBC
Cross-platform ODBC drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, DB2 databases. New "wire protocol" drivers eliminate need for database client software. [Closed source, free evaluation download]
ODBC Driver SDK for data source provide high-end SQL functionality and performance to proprietary or legacy data source.
A data access, reporting and migration tool for RDM (formerly db_Vista)/Raima/Birdstep databases. Creates a standard ODBC API that can be used by almost any database program, including Access and Excel.
Library for use with the Visual Basic JET engine to store and retrieve image to/from any ODBC-compliant database. By LEAD Technologies, Inc.
MySQL Connector/ODBC (MyODBC)
Allows connect to a MySQL database server using the ODBC database API. [Open source, GPL]
ODBC Broker
A C/C++ library that allows you to access ODBC data sources with just a few line of code. Now you can create dynamic database engine to access any ODBC data source. (SQLData Systems)
A BDE alternative which provides you with a high performance connection between your Delphi or C++ Builder application and your SQL database. By Korbitec.
A database connectivity kit for mobile devices. Currently supporting Palm OS, PocketPC and Symbian with features such as integrated AES encryption, compression, instant messaging. [Commercial, free evaluation download]
Open Source ODBC Driver Manager Project
Project goals are to develop and promote unixODBC to be the definitive standard for ODBC on the Linux platform. This is to include GUI support for KDE.
OpenAccess ODBC SDK
Provides the toolkit and the run-time software components needed to implement ODBC enabled access to your data source. By Automation Technology, Inc.
SimbaEngine ODBC SDK
An ODBC driver SDK that provides an ODBC driver development and deployment tool for client/server environments. It also includes a JDBC bridge. It supports HP/UX, AIX, Solaris and Windows NT. By Simba Technologies.
SPDB ODBC wrapper
SPDB is C++ library which wraps ODBC API. It is cross-platform, and works well with Windows ODBC and unix-odbc. [Open source, GPL]
The unixODBC Project
Provides the entire ODBC 3.52 API, Drivers, and tools for non windows platforms. Including GUI support for both KDE and GNOME. [Open source, LGPL]
XTG Systems InterBase6 ODBC driver
A core-level compliant InterBase6 ODBC driver. [Open source, LGPL]