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A Proposal for Fixing the Java Programming Languag, Achieve Strong Performance With Threads, Part 1, Achieve Strong Performance With Threads, Part 2, Achieve Strong Performance With Threads, Part 3, Achieve Strong Performance With Threads, Part 4, Avoid Synchronization Deadlocks, Can Double-Checked Locking be Fixed?, Can ThreadLocal Solve the Double-checked Locking P, Cancellation, Double-checked Locking and the Singleton Pattern
An Introduction to POSIX Threads, Getting Started with POSIX Threads, GNU Pth, Introduction to Programming Threads, LinuxThreads FAQ, Multi-Threaded Programming with POSIX Threads, Multithreaded Programming with Pthreads, Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) 0.1 Released, Native POSIX Thread Library: NPTL, Next Generation POSIX Threading: NGPT
Compound Win32 Synchronization Objects, Multithreaded Programming with Win32, Multithreading for Rookies, Multithreading in Windows NT, POSIX Threads (pthreads) for Win32, Strategies for Implementing POSIX Condition Variab, Win32 Multithreaded Programming, Win32 Multithreading Made Easy, Win32 Multithreading Performance
A Thread Performance Comparison
Compares Windows NT and Solaris on a symmetric multiprocessor machine.
Await && Locks
An expressive C++ thread synchronization library.
Bibliography on Threads and Multithreading
Part of the Computer Science Bibliography Collection.
C++ Portable Types Library (PTypes)
A simple alternative to the STL plus portable multithreading and networking. Compiles under modern Unix and Windows systems. [Open-source, zlib-like license]
comp.programming.threads FAQ
Bil Lewis's collection of frequently asked questions.
comp.programming.threads FAQ
Frequently asked questions (by Bryan O'Sullivan).
Comparing Win32 and Java Synchronization
Comparison of the available Java synchronization primitives with the Win32 counterparts.
Concurrent Programming: Principles and Practice
This book provides an in-depth overview of underlying principles as well as practical techniques that can be used to design concurrent programs. (Greg Andrews)
Designing a Thread Class in C++
Resources on designing a thread class in C++. Provides introduction, basic approach, implementation and using the class thread in C++.
Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distri
This book teaches the fundamental concepts of multithreaded, parallel and distributed computing. Emphasizes how to solve problems, with correctness the primary concern and performance an important, but secondary, concern. (Gregory R. Andrews)
Fundamentals of Multithreading
Technical article, covering Amdahl's Law, latencies and bandwidth, on-chip multiprocessing, Jackson technology, and simultaneous multithreading. (SystemLogic.net)
Introduction to Priority Inversion
Gives an introduction to priority inversion and shows a pair of techniques to avoid them.
Multithreaded Programming in C++ and Java
Introduction to C++ (on Win32) and Java multithreading.
Object-Oriented Multithreading using C++
This book shows how to avoid common pitfalls of multithreading in UNIX, Windows NT, or OS/2 environments.
OpenTop C++ Library - Multi-threading
A part cross-platform C++ library providing high-performance and portable classes for multi-threading by creating a common wrapper around Windows and POSIX threads, exposing an interface modelled on the popular Java abstractions. Cross-platform support for Java-style synchronization is provided in addition to mutexes and Unix-style condition variables. [Commercial]
Portable Thread Synchronization using C++
Provides example C++ classes implementing a series of synchronization objects useful for building portable (Solaris and Win32) multithreaded applications.
Priority Inheritance Protocols
Use of synchronization mechanisms like semaphores, monitors, and critical regions can lead to uncontrolled priority inversion. [PDF file]
Extremely lightweight stackless threads which provide linear code execution for event-driven systems, designed for severely memory constrained systems.
Higher order threads for C++; tutorial and reference manual.
State Threads Library
A small application library for writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications on UNIX-like platforms. [Open source, MPL or GPL]
Survey of Threads
Comparing Solaris, Linux, and Windows NT threads.
Thread Implementation Table
Dave Butenhof's comparison of thread implementations.
volatile - Multithreaded Programmer's Best Fr
Discusses the usage of the volatile keyword in multithreaded C++ programs.
An advanced object-oriented, cross-platform C++ threading and synchronization library. [GPL]