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1st SPOT: PDAs and Wireless Internet Devices for M
Find information about PDAs, Palm Pilots, wireless internet, smart cellular phones, and mobile computing
Includes price guides, discussion boards, and reviews.
Dave's PDA Place
Features comparisons, a recommend tool to find the best fitting PDA, developer links and a FAQ.
How Stuff Works: Personal Digital Assistants
Intuitive graphic tutorial shows how a PDA works and what is inside, with many related links.
Portal for news and reviews of personal data assistants, Palm devices, and gadgets.
Mobile PDA
Learn about the new hardware for the mobile internet, the latest software for your palm, PDA or mobile, reviews & news
Take your Personal Digital Assistant to the limit. Learn new applications and how to install them, plus pricing and product information. From About.com.
PDA Buzz
PDA and Handheld PC News, Reviews, Discussion, and Resources.
PDA HandyMan
Provides news and user comments on PDA and wireless related happenings.
A one stop resource site dedicated to the PDA users community, providing the latest and the hottest stuff in PDA Industry.
PDA Street
The PDA Network for PDA Software, Windows CE, Palm Pilot, Psion, Palmtops, Handspring Visor, REX, Zaurus, Helio, Royal daVinci, PocketMail, PDA Software, reviews, gadgets, and gizmos.
Pocket Downloads
Direct download of commercial mobile software for your Pocket PC, Windows CE, EPOC, and Palm PDA.
SSV Embedded Systems
Designed and manufactured a wide range of products for the embedded system and the factory automation market. Handhelds and PC104 Components.