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A Primer on How to Work with the Usenet Community, How do I quote correctly in Usenet?, How Not to Look Like an Idiot on Usenet, Internet Trolls, News Netiquette, No HTML Posting, Rules for Posting to Usenet, The Bincancel FAQ, The Seven Don'ts of Usenet, Trolls: The Master Manipulators
Individual Group FAQs, Advertising on Usenet: How to do it, How not to do, Anti Troll FAQ, AOL newsgroup FAQs, FAQ you, Godwin's Law FAQ, Internet FAQ Consortium, Moderated Newsgroups FAQ, net.legends FAQ, news.announce.newusers FAQ list, newzguide
Feed Services
ISP Feeds, 1 Usenet Dotcom, 100 Proof News, 1stOnRamp, Active-News.com, Airnews, AK47 Usenet, All The Newsgroups.com, Altopia Corporation, anarQy usenet service, Claranews
aus.* Newsgroup Administration, ca.*, dk.*, europa.*, italia.*, japan.*, k12.*, nj.*, Regional Newsgroup Hierarchies, sbay.*
20 Year Archive on Google Groups, I Remember Usenet, Interview with Brad Templeton, Meow, Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and , Old Usenet Articles, SOUP: Simple Offline USENET Packet, The Geeks Who Saved Usenet, The Great Renaming, 1985-1988, The Old news.groups.reviews Home Page
Individual Newsgroup Pages
alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb, alt.devilbunnies, Aglami, alt.arts.poetry.comments, alt.assassination.jfk, alt.atheism, alt.autos.citroen, alt.backrubs archive (Sunsite USA mirror), alt.binaries.pictures.weapons, alt.binaries.vcd.only, alt.culture.malta newsgroup official website, alt.fan.team-rocket
Moderated Newsgroups FAQ, NetNews Moderators Handbook, Pitfalls of Newsgroup Moderation, S.T.U.M.P. Robomoderator Program, USENET Moderators Archive, Usenet Volunteer Moderators
Newsgroup Creation
Free.uk.* newsgroups, Guidelines for Group Creation in the UK hierarchy, How to Create a New Alt Newsgroup, How to Create a New Big-8 Newsgroup, How to Format and Submit a New Group Proposal, How To Write a Good Newgroup Message for Alt, news.newusers.questions: Creating New Newsgroups, Newsgroup Creation in the US Hierarchy, So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup, The Big Eight Newsgroup Creation Process
Newsgroup Directories
Cyberfiber: Newsgroups Listing, Harley Hahn's Master List of Usenet Newsgroup, Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies, news-admin.org, Newsgroups Related to Network Abuse, Newsgroups-1, Tile.Net/News, Trinceron usenet, Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
Public News Servers
Aaron's Free News Servers, Free News Servers Index and Search Utilities, Free Usenet News Servers Index and Search Tools, Free-NewsServers.com, List of Free NNTP News Servers, Newsparrot, Newzbot, nnrp.stealth.net, Permanently Updated List of Interesting News Serve, public nntp sites
Internet Skyway GmbH, Planet Connect
Bincrawler.com, Binhound, CyberFiber Newsgroups, Delà News Project, Google Groups, Ithaki Usenet & Mailing Lists, Linuxbroker: Newsgroups, MP3 Locator, NetNews Tracker, News Group Search
Web Based
24help.info: Newsgroup-Forums, Adras, Always-news.com, BlackCedar Usenet Archives, Bubba's News Server, Buzzard News, Coolgroups, dBforums, EasyNews, GroupS (at expo.st)
About News-Posting, by J R Stockton
Explanation of Usenet terms and tips on how to write and post to Usenet.
Alternate Usenet TOP 1000
An alternate to the Freenix Top 1000 site.
Amiga Network News
Amiga newsgroup summaries.
Authoritative active file
Maintained by the Big Eight Moderation Team at isc.org. This active file is a complete and current list of newsgroups available. Not limited to the "Big 8" groups only.
Computer Partners
Brief explanation of newsgroups and instructions for using Netscape Navigator or Outlook Express for reading newsgroups.
Finding the Appropriate Newsgroup
Lists of groups listed according to where to post common kinds of posts, where to read about common topics, and so on.
Free Advice on Usenet News
An editorial introduction to Usenet.
Freedom Knights of Usenet
Dedicated to free speech, and its implementation on Usenet, an alternative point of view. Information about Usenet sites of Virtue and surviving UDPs.
Internet Software Consortium
An FTP site with archives of various Usenet related documents. Includes active files, control messages, list of Usenet hierarchies.
Jukka Korpela's Material about Usenet
Selection of links to material on Usenet. Editorials by Jukka explaining the workings of Usenet and the reasons for certain conventions.
Kevin Butler's Simple Guide to Newsgroups
A brief history about the origin of newsgroups and tips on how to participate in newsgroups.
Links to Professor Timo Salmi's FAQ material
Timo Salmi has extensive advice on how to participate effectively in Usenet. Topics include: Proper quoting, proper signatures, how to respond to "crackpots", where to put test postings and other important topics.
Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies
A complete list of newsgroup hierarchies and their descriptions.
Mib Software Usenet Rapid Knowledge Transfer
Information about Usenet for users and developers.
Netscan Newsgroup Tracker
Social statistics on Usenet groups including number of posts and crossposts.
News Group Help.com
Subscription tutorials on how to download files from binary newsgroups, such as movies, mp3s and programs.
Have the news from Usenet newsgroups delivered to your mail-inbox.
pi's smiley list
Comprehensive list of smilies used on Usenet.
Rules for posting to Usenet
Brief introduction to Usenet and appropriate guidelines to follow for posting.
Usenet tutorials, FAQs, and reviews of usenet providers. Also providing free posting services via NNTP for text-only newsgroups.
Tim Pierce's New's Hacking page. Includes links to RFC 977, 1036, son-of-1036.
The Usenet Newbie Project
Learn everything about the Usenet in one place. How to access it, how to read posts, explanation of technical terms and acronyms and how to create your own Newsgroups.
Top 1000 Usenet Sites
Statistics on Usenet sites calculated by taking a sample of news articles on many sites. Participation open to all Usenet sites, no matter how small. Stats available through mailing list or on this site.
Usenet Peering Page
Usenet providers and other organizations, who are running a Usenet server, looking for Usenet peers can enter their information on the website if they want to be contacted by others in the Usenet community.
Usenet Portal
Categorized links to web sites concerning technical aspects of usenet, tutorials, open usenet servers, and all aspects of usenet. Reviews and ratings of Usenet providers, articles about newsgroups, and NNTP software suggestions.
Usenet Replayer
Web-based Usenet tools, including news resources archive, news server search, posting and retrieving of Usenet messages, advertising products, and forgery cancellations. Free.
User's Guide to the Changing Usenet
Explains how RFDs (Requests For Discussion) and CFVs (Call For Votes) can be used to change a Usenet newsgroup. Gives tips on how to stay abreast of changes in newsgroups and how to be an active participant.
W-net : Everything About Usenet
Usenet basics. Learn about newsgroups from scratch. Learn how to get banned Newsgroups. Partial list of Newsgroups.