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Balut game online, IBF official homepage, IBF Tokyo
Bluff, Liar's Dice or Perudo, Perudo.org
Boggle, Boggle Review
Boise Bunco, Bunco and Other Vices, Bunco for Breast Cancer, Bunko Net, Dice Gamers, Girls With Dice, Teddy Bear Bunco, The World Bunco Association, Tricia's Bunco Rules
Button Men
Beat People Up, Button Men Online, Johnson, Hunter - Bruno! Button Men, McMahon, John 'Fuzzface' - Yoyodyne Expa, Stone Press, Warp Zone
Cosmic Wimpout
Bear Creek Rules, Cosmic Wimpout Official Site, CWimp, John Bolduc's Cosmic Wimpout Page, Review from Contagious Dreams, Review from Gamers Haven
Dragon Dice
Chuck Pint's Dragon Dice Page, Come One, Come All, Crystal Keep - Dragon Dice, Dragon Dice Assistant, Dragon Dice Inventory Tracking, Dragon Dice Research Consortium, Globetrotter Games, Netherworlder's Home Page, SFR Incorporated
Exxtra Review
Farkle, Farkle, Tams11 Lobby, The Game of Farkle
Fill or Bust
Fill or Bust Home Page, Fill or Bust!, Fill Or Bust! by Bowman Games
Golo Golf
GOLO Golf Dice Game
Land, Air and Sea
Land, Air and Sea
Shakin' Sorry
Shakin' Sorry
Spill and Spell
Spill and Spell
Star Trek Dice
Yan, Fen - Unofficial Star Trek Dice Page.
Brewster, Sam - Dice Collection, Cat's Dice Trading Page, Chuck Pint's Dice Pages, Fairchild, Jeff - Casino Dice, Ferrari, Giulio - Dice Collection, Kevin Cook's Duplicates For Trade, Thiskid1's Dragon Dice Inventory
Word Yahtzee
Word Yahtzee
Free Comp Stuff, Killer Dice from Gypsy King Software, Kismet, Rules of Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee
Blisters Dice Game
Features game information as well as Appalachian Trail facts and stories.
Classic Dice Games
Introduction, description and history of variations of the game.
Dice Drinking Games
List of games with excitement ratings and rules, as well as links to other types of drinking games.
Directory and information on dice games and dice in general.
For Whom The Die Rolls
An online magazine. Includes back issues and game information.
International Bone-Rollers Guild
Dice and gaming. Includes information on the history of dice, different types of dice available, links to relevant sites for each category, and rules listings for almost every known dice game, as well as lists of commercial suppliers of dice and custom dice manufacturers.
Irony Games' Dice Server
Allows users to throw virtual dice. Usable for several types of gaming.
Java Dice Simulator
Offers a casino-like dice simulator, which is also available for download.
Kevin Cook's Dice Collection
Includes information on manufacturers, types and shapes of dice, links, animations, and photos.
Pass the Pigs
Analysis of strategies for the Pass the Pigs game.
Sparks Dice!
Free paper dice in Adobe Acrobat format, including Fudge dice.
Web Dice
Dice rolling utility used for online gaming. Includes Fudge dice and a Shadowrun dice roller.
Yamb 2000
Yahtzee-like game for two or more players. Offers an option to register as an online player and a list of the best scores to date.