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Nomic, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Caption Time, Play-by-eMail Dots and Boxes, SEGA Swirl, The International Mornington Crescent Internet Tou, The Pass On Story Game
Board Games
AtomGames, EmailDraughts.com (EmailCheckers), Free Falling, Friends with the World, Online Correspondence Checkers, Pockey-Monkey, Richard's PBeM Server, Shogessi, The Pixie Pit
Cinemania: The Movie Maker Game, EMail Tetris Online, La Cosa Nostra PBeM Mafia Sim, Nazkak, a stock exchange simulation, Refuge Downs Horse Farms
Programming and Moderating
PBM Developers Site, PYBEM: Python Play By Email, Web Dice
A General Knowledge Quiz (by email), A Trivia Break, American Trivia Federation, Brain Food, BrainEmail, CB's Tuesday Riddle, Classic Science Fiction Trivia, Dark Neon Flashback: Back To The Eighties, Duplicity, e-Knowledge Quiz
Under Development
AutoGM, Chip's Home Page
'Net Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour
The Internet version of the game show, hosted by Ryan and Doug Morris (No Relation)
'Net Price is Right
Based on the TV game show "Price is Right" played via e-mail and newsgroup. Site contains rules and bidding items.
Includes information and files for completed and open games.
For Whom The Web Rocks
Organizes various games. Site contains information on the games offered, and how to join.
Correspondence gaming community. Offers the organization of Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Reversi, Xianqui, Link4, Ataxx, Chinese Checkers, Twixt, Go, Zertz and other games.
Grinner's PBEM Ladder Page
Information on Grinner's PBEM ladders, including Up Front, History of the World and links to other UF sites.
Kage Interactive
Offers Play-By-Mail and Play-By-E-Mail sports, strategy, and science fiction simulations.
The player navigates through mazes while avoiding obstacles and solving difficult puzzles. Requires free download.
PBeM Gamers Directory Games Listing
Ladders for PBeM boardgames.
PBeM News
Announcement and news service for both PBM and PBeM games.
PBeM-Portal.com is your gateway to the world of Play-By-eMail games, news, and reviews. Directory of games.
Resource site for gamers of all genres. Game announcement listings with banner and HTML support, secure email dice server supporting multiple die types, secure FUDGE roller, rune caster, discussion forums and other tools.
PBM3 [PBMCube]
Offers genre news, games index, and downloads.
Phoenyx PBeM Roleplaying
PBeM community resource.
Play By Electron Games
Offers news updates, mailing lists, and information on featured games including Eldritch, Iron Kings, and Monsters.
Play By Email Gaming
Play by Email Gaming focuses on computer programs designed to facilitate the exchange of game turns via the transferral of electronic media. (examples: Cyberboard, VASL, Diplomacy)
Play by Mail Games Homepage
Greg Lindahl's game list.
SFIntel's PBeM Portal
Our portal is designed for all interested people of e-mail games to talk, learn about new games or discuss anything they want - open to all.