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Dots and Boxes
Connect Capture, Dots and Boxes - Dots and Hexagons, Dots-and-Boxes Analysis, Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics: Dots a, Postings from rec.games.abstract about Dots and Bo, Stop Gate, Talk by Elwyn Berlekamp: Dots and Boxes, and relat, Talk by Katherine Scott: Loony Dots and Boxes Endg
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The classic board game played with paper and pencil.
Clever Games for Clever People
Includes map coloring, dots and boxes, and calculation games. From John Conway's book "On Numbers and Games".
Ghoulash, The Last Game On Earth
A complex adventure game where players compete to complete various quests.
Indoor Fun & Games
Fun, simple games to kill time at a restaurant, at the doctor's office, in the car.
Knowledge Hound: How To Play Guggenheim
Word game to help improve memory, requires only a pencil and a sheet of paper.
Lecture Games
Games to play on paper, during a boring lecture.
Math Night: Paper & Pencil Games
Instructions for Sprouts, Pipelayer and Capture with animated step-by-step guide.
Offers a variety of printable games.
Logic table game played on paper with dice. Site contains the game's description, images, rules and playing forms for download in Microsoft Word format.
Paper & Pencil
Rules and types of many games you can play only with the piece of paper and pen
Pencil & Paper Games
Rules and examples of some games you can play only with pencil and paper.
Pencil and Paper Games
Instructions and variations for Othello, Tic-Tac-Toe, Squares and Sprouts.
Psi Squad
A logic game for three or more players, similar to the classic board Game, Mastermind.
Puzzles and Games at MZ Estate
Offers versions of Battleship, Scattergories, and Yahtzee to print out and play, as well as word searches and trivia quizzes.
Richard Bartle: Spellbinder
Game where players take the role of wizards battling it out in an arena. The game's creator, discusses the history and success of the game.
Some Pencil and Paper Games
A collection of rules and examples of pen-and-pencil games.
The Origami Game
Fold paper into a series of shapes faster than the other players. Site includes rules, and print outs of the shapes.
Waving Hands
Alternate name and rules for Spellbinder. These are the free and complete rules upon which all other variants have been based.