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Academy of GP Orthodontics, Americal Association of Orthodontists, American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics, American Association for Functional Orthodontics, American Association of Orthodontists, American Lingual Orthodontics Association, American Orthodontic Society, Association of Orthodontists - Singapore, Australian Society of Orthodontists, British Orthodontic Society
American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial O, Angle Orthodontist, Australian Orthodontic Journal, Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, Journal of Orthodontics, Orthodontic Update, The European Journal of Orthodontics, The Orthodontic Cyber Journal, The Shudy Chronicles
All About Braces
Articles on orthodontic treatment, braces, and choosing an orthodontist, glossary.
American Board of Orthodontics
Official site of the US certifying board. Includes: certification standards, how to become board certified in orthodontics, list of diplomates in orthodontics.
ArchWired for Adults in Orthodontic Braces
For adults in orthodontic braces, or who are considering braces to straighten their teeth.
Braces Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base on Orthodontic Braces, Including Images, user forums and encyclopedias.
Contains resources including questions and answers and a directory of AAO certified orthodontists.
Local Ortho
Directory of orthodontists in Australia. Includes individual practice information, including maps and comprehensive patient advice.
Mouth Jewelry: Home Page
Descriptions of orthodontic appliances, famous people with braces, an online forum.
Neuromuscular Orthodontics Home Page
Neuromuscular diagnosis club site with membership and clinical orthodontic information.
Orthodontic Motivation Online
An On-Line alternative to motivate and educate patients about their orthodontic needs and treatment with demonstration movies. Month joining fee.
A non-profit community for orthodontists which offers email, on-line forum and links to useful information.
Orthodontics and Orthotropics
Orthotropics natural growth guidance - the alternative to straightening teeth with extractions and surgery.
Orthodontics Online
Information on the dental specialty of orthodontics, braces, teeth, bite, from the American Association of Orthodontists.
Lists orthodontist websites by city and state or province for the USA and Canada.
Pediatric Oncall: Orthodonics
Patient information on orthodontics, braces and various appliances for correction of malocclusion of teeth.
Offers information about functional jaw orthopedics which is an alternative to traditional braces. Includes news, articles, and frequently asked questions.