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Benefits, Detriments, ACS: Role Of Dairy Products In Reducing Ovarian Ca, AJCN: Dairy Foods and Bone Health: Examination of , AlterNet: White Poison: The Horrors of Milk, Briefing on Milk and Breast Cancer, Effect of Dietary Calcium and Milk Consumption on , Milk: What is the Deal?, The World's Healthiest Foods: Do I need to ea, Udder Confusion
Cancer Prevention Coalition: Milk: America?s Healt, Consumer Health Journal: Hormones in Milk Are Link, Europa: Growth Promoting Hormones Pose Health Risk, Milk and the Cancer Connection, Organic Consumers Association: Bovine Growth Hormo, Think Before You Drink
About.com: Nutrient Analysis
Nutritional composition of various cheeses and milk.
Bawarchi:The Benefits of Milk
Includes the nutritive value of milk and comparisons of buffalo, cow, goat, and human milk.
CBC Marketplace: Milk
Milk consumption in Canada, government recommendations, and medical research. Includes a dairy factsheet, alternative sources of calcium, and links.
Food Guide Pyramid: Milk, Yogurt and Cheese Group
Recommended daily servings, fat content, and health issues.
GN Online: Camel's Milk More Nutritious Than
Aftab Kazmi reports on camel's milk consumption in the UAE.
JustAddMilk.ca: Nutrition
Includes nutrition tables, questions and answers, and health advice, from the Dairy Farmers of Canada.
MedlinePlus: Cow's Milk for Infants and Child
Recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatricians that infants not be given milk. Includes suggested daily consumption of dairy products for infants, children, and adults.
Milk Matters Calcium Education Campaign
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development presents calcium recommendations, health issues, fact sheets, research, and media releases.
Milk: Polyunsaturated Non Adventures In Paradise
Brief history of milk production and consumption, including health issues.
Slate: Milk - How a Wholesome Drink Became a Villa
Article by Chris Suellentrop on milk reform, past and present.
The World's Healthiest Foods: Cow's Mil
Health benefits and risks, and nutritional analysis.
What About Dairy?
Examines the belief that dairy products are an essential part of a healthy diet.