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Achimenes, Adenium, Adromischus, Agave, Aloe, Aquilegia, Ariocarpus, Arthrocereus, Astrophytum
Associations, Alpine Plants in Japan, Alpine plants of New Zealand, Alpines and Bulbs, Alpines for the Enthusiast, My Rockgarden, Rock Garden Plants Database
Sunflowers, All About Annuals, Annuals, BackyardGardener.com: Annual Flowers and Garden De, Dalebroux.com: Growing Bluebonnets, Discovering Annuals, Fernlea Flowers, Flowering Annuals for Georgia Gardens, Gardening with Annuals, Gardens, The, Lafayette: Favorite Annuals
Hebe Society, New Ornamentals Society, Scottish National Sweet Pea Rose & Carnation S, The Geraniaceae Group
Baptisia, Brugmansia
Associations, Autumn Flowering, Spring Flowering, Summer Flowering, Winter Flowering, Achimenes and Begonia, Alocasia Macrorrhiza: Upright Elephant Ears, Backyard Gardener Fall-Planted Bulbs, Barbados Plants, Beauty with Bulbs, Begonias, Better Homes and Gardens:Flowering Bulbs, Better Homes and Gardens:Fritillaria Flowers, Bulb.com, Bulbmeister.com
Caladium, Camellia, Campanula, Clematis, Clivia, Codiaeum, Cornus, Crocus, Cyclamen
Cacti and Succulents
Associations, A World of Southern African Succulents & cact, Aloes, Amateur's Digest: Cacti, Succulents, Caudicif, Andy's Cacti, Argentine Cacti, Arizona Cactus and Succulent Research, Au Cactus Francophone, Black Cat Nursery, Brazilian Cacti in Cultivation, Bryophyllum
Carnivorous Plants
Associations, Personal Pages, A Canadian Carnivorous Plant Site, Barry Rice's Carnivorous Plants, Bug Biting Plants: Carnivorous Plant Care Guide, Carnivorous Plant Database, Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder, Carnivorous Plant Tissue Culture, Carnivorous Plants Index, Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia, Carnivorous Plants Online, Carnivorous Plants Trading Post
Climbers and Vines
About.com: Trumpeting Trumpet Vines on the Landsca, Copihue or Chilean Bellflower, Lapageria rosea, Th, Eastcheam Ivy, Hoya, Ivyfile, Luffa.info, Passion Flowers, Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information Center
Dahlia, Delphinium, Dianthus, Daisy Paradise, Diascias etc, Dimorphotheca
American Fern Society, Cold-hardy Tree Ferns, Hardy Fern Foundation, Los Angeles International Fern Society, Nederlandse Varenvereniging, Our Fine, Feathery Ferns: a Sight for Sori, San Diego Fern Society, Staghorn Ferns for Florida, Texas Gulf Coast Fern Society
Botanical Information, Tropical, About Apricots, Apple Cultivars for Wisconsin, Apples and More, Arizona Master Gardener Manual: Fruit Trees, Ask the Berry Man, Berries in Ontario, Brevard Rare Fruit Council, California Backyard Orchard, California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc., California Rare Fruit Growers, San Diego Chapter
Galanthus, Geranium, Gerbera, Gladiolus
Grasses and Bamboos
Bamboo Associations, Bamboo Bambus Zhuzi, Bamboo Central, Bamboo Source, Bamboo Varieties for Texas, Bamboo World, Bamboo World: General Information, BambooWeb, Colorado State University Extension: Ornamental Gr, Favourite Ornamental Grasses Top 10, Gardenweb: Bamboo Forum
Ground Covers
About.com: Ground Covers, Plants, Cover Crops, Diseases of Ground Cover Plants, Ground Cover Plants, Ground Covers, Ground Covers: Their Establishment and Maintenance, University of Nevada, Reno - Ground Covers
Helleborus, Hemerocallis, Hibiscus, Hippeastrum, Hosta
A Modern Herbal, Allexperts Herbs, Alternative Nature Online Herbal, Ann McCormick, Backyard Gardener, Beagle Ridge Herb Farm, Better Homes and Gardens Herb Ideas, Botanic Name Cross Reference, Chamomile Times, Container Herb Garden
House Plants
Associations, Air Plants, All About Houseplants, All About Houseplants - The Gardener's Networ, Caring for Flowering and Foliage House Plants - Th, Extreme Indoor Gardening, Green and Ever Growing, Green Patio, Guide to Growing Houseplants - NebGuide, Guide to Selecting Houseplants - NebGuide, House Plant Care & Watering
Ipomoea, Iris
Lathyrus, Lavandula, Lilium
Indiana Nut Growers Association, Northern Nut Growers Association, Nutgrowers Ring
Associations, Chats and Forums, Personal Pages, Afrodisa, All About Orchids, AOS Cymbidium Culture Sheet, Barry's Orchid Page, BellaOnline Orchids, Brazilian Orchids, Cattleya Culture, Colorful Orchids, Cymbidium Culture, Diablo Disas
Paeonia, Penstemon, Pinguicola, Primula, Pulmonaria
Aroids, Associations, Allexperts: Perennials, Alstroemeria: The Inca Collection, Australian Acacias, Backyardgardener: Perennial Gardening, Botany.com Verbena, Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen, Floridata: Verbena bonariensis, Gardening with Perennials, Gazebo Gardens, General Maintenance of Herbaceous Ornamentals
Aggie Horticulture - Asexual Plant Reproduction, Alpines From Seed, American Orchid Society: Creating New Orchids, Australian National Botanic Gardens - Growing fern, Australian National Botanic Gardens - How to Propa, Chrysanthemum Breeding Made Easy, Cornell University, Cooperative Extension - Propag, Gardenweb: Growing from Seed, GardenWeb: Winter Sowing, Germination Database - Seeds
Saintpaulia, Salvia, Sedum
Associations, Lilacs, Rhododendrons, Roses, All About Hydrangeas, ColorChoice, Gardens Galore, Hairy Manzanita, List of Shrubs for Problem Identification, Mountain Valley Growers: Laurus nobilis, Pete's Hydrangeas, Spring Shrub Color, Trees and Shrubs, Trees and Shrubs
Tricyrtis, Trillium, Tulipa, Spectacular Tillandsias
Dave's Garden: Trading, GardenHere, Gardenweb: Exchanges & Trading, Plant Internet Directory, Plant-Traders, Seeds from Bulgaria, SeedSwappers.com, Swapseeds.com
Associations, Palms, Species Conservation, Acer palmatum - Japanese Maple, Arnold Arboretum, Ask An Arborist, Better Homes and Gardens: Tree Pictures, Betula lenta, Collier Arbor Care, Deciduous Trees and Shrubs With All-Season Interes, Dictionary of Tree Terms, English Oak Trees, Flowering Trees
Tropicals and Exotics
Banana Swap, Bugenvila, Claines Canna Collection, Coolexotics.com, Cycad International, Epiphytic Plant Research and Information Center, Farmers Bookshelf, N8ture.com: Ginger, Phoenix Tropicals, Plantcare
Giant Pumpkins, Peppers, Tomatoes, Abigal Gordons Gardens, Adres.nl Vegetable News, City Farmer: Sprouting at Home, Due North Resources: Gardening Tips, Gardeners Net: Veggies, Gardening 2U, Gardenline: Vegetables, Growing Taste, Growing Vegetables in the Home Garden, Heirloom Vegetable Gardener's Assistant, The
Water and Bog Plants
Beauty In the Bog, Bog, Bog Garden Forum, Bog Garden's, Bog Gardening, Bog Home Page, The, BonniesPlants.com, Building A Sphagnum Bog Garden, Edible Pond And Bog Garden, The, Garden Pond Plants
Beautiful Britain - Wild Flower Garden, Beethoven's Woodland Garden, Don's English Wild Flower Collection, Grow Native!, Growing Wildflowers, Mediterranean Wildflowers, Native Plant Information Network, Native Plants for a California Garden, NCGarden.com: Wildflower, Prairie Frontier
All America Selections Winners
Showcases new varieties of flowers, vegetables, and plants for garden performance.
BackyardGardener.com: Garden Guides on Plants
Starting point for information on (types of) plants, with summary information for many species and varieties.
Cal's Plant of the Week
Features a new plant every week, with photo, description, and cultural information. Previously featured plants can be selected by botanical or common name. Focus is on plants for greenhouse culture.
Dave's Garden: PlantFiles
Database with over 80,000 plants with cultivation information and pictures supplied by member gardeners.
This resource for gardeners in the Denver metro area includes a sizeable database of plants with photos and cultural information.
Features searchable database of thousands of plants, with basic information and often photos. Includes many succulents, herbs, and tropical fruit trees.
Echo: Fruiting Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous Plant
Features cultural information, uses, handling tips, and links for an extensive list of fruits and vegetables.
Garden plant finder. Search by specifiying garden conditions and design requirements such as flower color, size and growth habit. Search results include plant photo and summary information.
Offers links to gardening websites arranged by plant type, with a brief description of each site.
Features hundreds of plant portraits, each illustrated with several photos, documenting the garden uses and cultural requirements of each species or cultivar.
Foliage Plants Database
Searchable database with basic information and some photographs of plants grown primarily for their foliage. Japanese and English.
Fruits and Vegetables
Extensive set of fact sheets and links from the University of Florida.
Guide to growing and caring for houseplants, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Also features common pests and a miscellaneous section. From the University of Saskatchewan Extension.
Gardenweb: Name That Plant
Forum that allows users to upload images of plants that they are trying to identify.
Horticopia On-line Plant Information
Extensive directory of plants, categorized by genus, includes summary cultural information and small photograph for each plant.
Horticultural database with over 100,000 species and cultivars. Comments, ratings, and photos for many varieties supplied by members of the Gardenweb community.
Illinois' Best Plants
Chicago Botanic Garden provides a database of recommended plants for Illinois gardens, from perennials to trees, with photos and information on their culture and use.
New Jersey Weed Gallery
Database of weeds, accessible by common and botanical names and by a thumbnail gallery. Summary information and photos are provided for each weed.
Searchable database of plants with information on flowering, and climate.
Plants Database
Online USDA database of botanical information, images, and links on plants in the USA, including crops and invasives. Search by name, geographic distribution, or other characteristics.
Plants For A Future
Resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses. Offers a plant database, and various articles on gardening, perennials, and habitats.
Plants Toxic to Animals
Resources about toxic plants from the Veterinary Medicine Library.
Extensive information about plants native to southern Africa, including hundreds of alphabetically arranged plant portraits, by the National Botanical Institute of South Africa.
Shady Character
Mark shares photos and descriptions with personal experiences growing a large number of shade plants, both perennials and woody specimens.
Shiraz Gardeners' Guide
Gardening resource site with an extensive plant directory featuring photos and cultural information.
The Garden of Paghat the Ratgirl
Pacific Northwest gardener presents essays for hundreds of species growing in her garden, with personal notes, history, cultural information, and photos for each.
Tiscali Gardening
A South African flower, plant and gardening portal with searchable plant database, photographs and information.
Translation program for botanical latin.
Virtual Plant Tags
Database of detailed descriptions and growing tips for thousands of plants, including many not commonly grown. Profiles include cultural information, assessment of landscape value, and photos for most.
Offers a weed listing for the United States regions, primarily weeds occurring in lawns.