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Magazines and E-zines
ChickaDEE magazine, Kids Newsroom, News for Kids, News for Kidz-News About Kidz, PBS NewsHour Extra, Scholastic News Zone, Teen Newsweek, The Hindu: Young World, Time for Kids, Weekly Reader
Chicago Tribune - Kid News, Indianapolis Star - Y-Press, LA Times - Kids' Reading Room, New York Times - Student Connections, Newszone, The Hindu - Young World, Wall Street Journal - The Classroom Edition, Washington Post: Kids Post
National Geographic Kids News
Weekly news from across the world with an environmental focus. Includes sections on animals and nature, history, people and places, space and science, and wacky news. USA.
Teen World News
An online newspaper for teens to report news from their countries, exchange opinions on everything from foreign affairs to fashion trends, and learn about teen issues around the world. Various countries.
Yahooligans News
Daily world, national, science, sports, and entertainment news with photo slide shows. USA.