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Ancient to Early Medieval Bi-metallics, Bi-metallics Coins, Tokens, Encased Coins of Earl Fankhauser, Joel Anderson: World coins, W.B.C.C.
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A Dictionary of Coin Terms
Dictionary of coin collecting terms. Done with some humor.
All the Coins
Coin collecting directory and numismatic portal.
Bullion Coin Collectors
Information and statistics for collectors of gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins.
Cherrypicker's Paradise
Site about searching through circulating rolls of coins and what can be found.
Coin Break
Rare coin index with links to coin dealer sites and numismatic resources.
Coin Collecting
A coin collecting page with very useful coin collecting FAQs and links to help out the novice to the expert coin collector.
Coin Collecting FAQ
Frequently asked questions about coin collecting.
Coin Collecting for Beginners
This site offers information and tips about coin collecting for beginners of all ages.
Coin Collecting Terms
A glossary of coin collecting terms and meanings.
Coin Consumer Guide
How to be a savvy consumer in today's numismatic marketplace. Includes information on counterfeit coins, online auction fraud, toning and grading services.
Coin Galaxy
Coin and currency information, grading and supplies.
Coin Gallery Online
Portal for buying, selling, and trading coins. Includes coin collecting books and supplies, rare coin exhibits, and numismatic resources for the collector.
Coin of the Year
Photos of coins associated with particular years, plus brief descriptions and history.
Coin Talk
Site for discussion of all subjects related to coins, offering free advertising to members.
Free information on United States Coins, including pricing, rarity, and historical information.
CoinLink Numismatic Index
Directory of rare coin sites with links to dealers, resources and numismatic news.
An online numismatic community offering, discussion forum, articles, informations, and coins for sale & trade.
A forum site featuring a virtual coin museum, chat, and grading information.
A personal site discussing various aspects of collecting coins from ancient to modern.
Information about coins and currency, including numismatic FAQ, coin image gallery, and a discussion room.
A resource for information relating to collecting copper coins from the United States. Provided by a group of collectors who study specific areas of U.S. copper coinage.
Counterfeit Coins
How to detect counterfeit coins, plus the issues surrounding the collecting of them.
Dan's Coin Page
Images of coins from collection, images of unidentified coins and information about identifying coins.
A guide to assist the coin buying public in determining values for all significant United States rare coins.
Gawain O'Connor
Discuss coins, bank notes, tokens, and collecting.
Gold Coin Shop
Information and pictures of gold and silver coins from around the world. Examines rare and bullion coins like American Eagles, Maple Leafs, Rubles, Francs and Sovereigns.
H.I.P. Pocket Change
The US Mint's interactive official site for coin collecting kids. The history of coin minting and what new quarters are due to be minted.
Mark's Coins
Information of coins new and old. Try the Coin Quiz.
Metals Used In Coins and Medals
A list of types of metals used in coins with descriptions, atomic weights and melting points.
A vast collection of Military Coins from all Branches of the Service.
Money Museum
A virtual money museum.
Money Museum
A comprehensive history of money including maps, images detailed information and tutorials.
National Numismatic Collection
NNC includes approximately one million objects--more than 400,000 coins and some 550,000 pieces of paper money and encompasses the entire history of money of the world, coins and paper money, as well as medals.
Information about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other similar objects.
Oddities and Wonders
A collection of odd and interesting facts about coins and paper money.
Penny Structures
Texas Tech engineer shares pictures of U.S. pennies stacked to make elaborate structures.
Play Money Collecting
Information about collecting play money with images of various collectible types.
Q and A's for Coins
Experienced collectors answers to your coin collecting questions (origin and identification).
Randy's Numismatic Page
General information about coin collecting.
Texas Coins.com
Offering to buy and sell of coins, bullion, diamonds and silver. Live spot prices and appraisal services in Texas.
The Coin Page
Information about coins found in circulation for collectors.
The Coin Page
Provides images of coins, tokens, medals, elongateds, bullion products free of charge.
The Marteau Early 18th-Century Currency Converter
Offers html-pages for the automatic conversion between early 18th century European currencies. Designed to become a website for currencies in Europe 1670-1730
Links to sites covering rare coins, bullion, dollars, and silver/gold coins.