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Advertising Collectibles
Gas and Oil, Magnets, Matchcovers, Organizations, Paperweights, Signs, Tins, Tobacco, Trade Cards, Gone With the Wind, Harvey's Antique Advertising, Trade Name Collectibles at collectibleclassifieds., Vintage Labels: The Lost Art of Travel
Fraud, Individual Collections, Organizations and Clubs, Alyssa's Autograph Collector's Home Page, Autograph Alliance, Autograph Collecting - Suite101.com, Autograph Collecting By Ernie, Autograph Gallery, Autograph Success, AutographsInc.com, Bowman's Autographs, Carry On Signing, Chiefwahoo's Autograph Website
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Christmas Ornaments
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Calculators, CPUs, 1000 BiT, A Computer Collectors Site, Albert's Virtual Computer Museum, Ancient Computer Community, Binary Dinosaurs, Bryan's Old Computers, Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum, Classic Computer Online Museum, Classic Computers, Clive.nl
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Edged Weapons, Medals, Orders, Decorations, Publications, Researchers, American Society of Military Insignia Collectors, AMICI nel Mondo, Bell's Aviation and Militaria, Bhaarata Shastra, Binoculars of the Armed Forces, Dale's Military Radio and Computer Home Page., Deuce and a Half, Eric's Soviet Collectibles, First Florida Chapter Military Vehicle Preservatio, Gas Mask Collectors
Horses, Trains, Aviation Models, Haris Bros. Auto Museum, Haylee's Custom's, King and Country, King and Country UK, Mamod Live Steam, Minix Cars, Modcar Diecast Models, ModelX Hand Built Models Exhibition, Randles Reviews
Collectors.Org, Florence - The Society - Giuseppe Armani Art, On The Lighter Side, The Cupid Collectors Club, The Ephemera Society of America, Inc., The National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society, The Statue of Liberty Collectors' Club
Out of the Ordinary
Air Sickness Bags, Aeroplane.ru, Air Raid Sirens, American Weather Vanes, Angel Cult, Antique Mouse and Rat Traps, Antique X-Ray Tubes and Accessories, Arenophile (Sand Collecting), Backscratcher, Bakelite, Bakelite and Plastic Museum
Paper Money
Certificates, Notgeld, Organizations, Tracking Bank Notes, Aaron's Middle Eastern Banknotes Page, Aaron's Paper Currency Page, Ackroyd Noteval System, African Banknote Collector, African Paper Money, Aldor's hungarian numismatics, Andrew Jackson on US currency, Artur's Banknote Pages, Asian Money Depot, Bangladeshi Banknotes
Air Force Patch Collectors' Homepage, Albuquerque Police Patch Collection, Andy's Police Patch Site, Bronc Police Patches Badges and Emblems Web Site, Deputy Dave Law Enforcement Patches, Diver and Combat Swimmer Badges, Firecollector.com, Frank's Trading Patch, Jeremie White's Patch Page, Jetmax's Patch Collectors Haven
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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
Comics, Models and Statues, Trading Cards, Unicorns, All Things Scifi, Box of Monsters, Creepy Creatures Collectibles, Fantastic Collectibles, Forrest J Ackerman's Wide Webbed World, Horror Collectables Message Forum, Movieprop.com's Prop/Costume Collecting Pages, Science Fiction List, The Gallery of Monster Toys
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Buttons, Machines, Thimbles, Kathy and Walter's Sewing Items, Krazy About Tatting Shuttles, Linda's, Rosie's Needle Book Museum
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Slot Machines
Parts, AntiqueSlots.Com, Classic Amusements, Coin Operated Collectors Association, Eric's Shipping Service, Liberty Belle Saloon in Reno, Melvyn Wright's World of Vintage Slot Machine, Sands Mechanical Museum
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BangZoom Software, Inc., Book Collector Pro, Collectible Solutions, Collectibles Software, Collectify MyStuff, Collector's Organiser, Collectorpro, Convecto, eWheelBase, Feeling Froggy Software
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Personal Pages, Card Corner, Card Zine, Collector Link, Collector Trading Cards, Comic Images, Dog Card Art, Don Troy's Playboy Collectors Card Informatio, Kaotic Non-Sports Trading Card Site, Non-Sport Update Magazine, The Dinosaur Fan
Writing Instruments
Organizations and Shows, Pencils, Pens, All's Well Inkstands, Doug's Inkwell Page, Drawing Instruments, Drawing tools, History of Pens and Writing Instruments, Museum of Writing, Pen Repairs, Pens and Pencils, Rules
Antique Boxes
Information source on antique and collectible boxes. Site sells boxes but does not offer prices online. Hosts the Internet Antique Box Book.
AToyholic Collectibles Group
Website directory for toys, phone cards, space collectibles, autographs, watches, and pinback buttons. Includes message forum, webring, and chat room.
Classic Engines
An enthusiast's site for collectors of small engines.
Portal site for collectors. Virtual marketplace, free classifieds.
An online antiques and collectibles community. Features news, buy and sell areas, calendars, directories, price guides, and forums.
Collectibles at About.com
Learn how to start collecting favorite items. The site includes information on everything from cookie jars and pottery to lunchboxes and Pez dispensers.
View other peoples collections, or add your own. Link your personal collection page. Also features exclusive articles pertaining to collecting.
Collector Cafe
A site for collectors and dealers in antiques and collectibles, providing news, features, email chat, classified adverts and an online meeting place for the collecting world.
Collector Network
Online market place where dealers and collectors trade coins, stamps, banknotes, cards, antiques and collectibles.
Collector's Planet
News, features, links and free want ads for all collectibles, from Hot Wheels to comics to Star Wars... from a Canadian perspective.
Collectors Society
An online collectors site for coins, comics and sports cards that includes message boards, registries and further information on a paid subscription basis.
Collectors Universe
Starting point for all collectibles. Price guide, auctions, experts, information and fun.
A searchable database of individuals' collections of various items. Images, descriptions and various information about the collectible is offered.
Country Living: Collecting
Articles on collecting items from antique furniture to vintage flea market finds, plus features on caring for your collectibles, appraisal quiz, and calendar of antique shows.
Displaying Native American Artifacts
Tips and advice on displaying Native American artifacts, a photo gallery of collections, and a place to give advice and display your collection.
Ellen Land-Weber Exhibition: Collectors
A collection of photographs that features collectors with the items they collect.
Historic Newspapers and Imprints
Excellent collector info pages relating to grading, collecting and value. Fixed-price catalogs of historic newspapers, primarily 1775 - 1865, early book leaves, vellum indentures, 1450 to about 1900.
Live chat site and discussion forums for collectors.
I collectit
Online collecting resource.
iGuide Collectibles Price Service
A searchable sales history database of Rare Coins and Movie Posters.
Japanese Samurai Swords
Collector seeks to assist owners of Samurai Swords to establish a fair value and terms to satisfy all
Magazine Collector Club
A message board for collectors looking to buy, sell, or trade magazine back issues.
Mallorca Collector's Club
Meeting point for all kind of collectors worldwide, including free classified adds, directories and other information. Site is in English and Spanish.
Website for the perfume and vanity collector. Individual/collector offers vintage perfume bottles, miniatures, compacts, and other vanity items.
Ohio Decoy Collectors & Carvers Association
The purpose of the Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers has been to promote the preservation of old decoys and creation of new decoys for the past twenty three years.
Collectable vintage magazines, old paper ads, old magazine covers.
Site features news on a variety of collecting subjects. Also includes message board and upcoming events.
Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine
A monthly publication on antiques and collectibles, focusing on the American Southeast. Articles, classifieds, information on dealers, shows and events.
Souvenir Building Collectors Society / SBCS
The society was formed by a small group of avid collectors in the fall of 1994. Currently there are about 400 members.
Strong Numbers
This is a price guide that supposedly provides fair market values for a wide variety of items. Claiming to cover everything from electronics and computers to toys and collectibles.
The Collective Detective
Interactive service for dealers and private collectors. Locate collectible items instantly, showcase your inventory to the world. Comics, cards, memorabilia, sports, general collectibles; new categories added continually.
The Delphi Collectibles
Community including chat and message board, for collectors of all types to exchange information.
The inComplete Jukebox
History and information on over 1000 different antique jukebox models, 60+ manufacturers, FAQs, listing of 1200+ jukebox hits, and jukebox links.
Trajan Publishing Corporation
Canada's leading publisher of hobby periodicals. For collectors of stamps, coins, sports memorabilia, antiques and collectibles.
What A Collection
Unique collecting community where members post pictures of collections along with want lists and profiles. Includes message boards, chat and special features.
World Collectors Net
Information on famous collectables includes: histories, new and retiring pieces, hot items, club addresses and news, library, magazine, shopping centre, swapshops, bulletin boards.
World Wide Collectors Digest
Site for collectors of almost anything, from trading cards to comic books to trains.
Your Collectables
Show antiques and collectables to the world. Site includes buy, sell, or trade classifieds, message board, chat, pictures of collections and collecting resources.