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Kelloggs, Cereal Premiums, Cereal Stuff, Commemorative Wheaties, Food Containers and Premiums, Painstick's Cereal Box Gallery, Quisp Cereal, The Cereal Aisle, The Freakie Magnet Cereal Collectors Magazine, The Hobby of Collecting Sport Cereal Boxes, Tim's NASCAR Cereal Page
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Candy Wrappers, Kinder Eggs, M&M, Pez, Martin's Smartie Museum, PEZ, Spin Pop Collector, The Collectors Club of Hershey's Memorabilia
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Banana Stickers, Fruit Jars, California's Lost Citrus Groves, Citrus Label Society, Etichettando: fruit labels collection, Fillmore-Piru Citrus Labels, Fruit Labels, Spanish Citrus Historical Museum, Sunkist Growers Inc
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Absolut Vodka, Bottles and Decanters, Corkscrews, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Shot Glasses, 200 years of wines of the world, Daisy Bath, Jugs @ The Whisky Bond, Jugs Collection, Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors, Mini Vodkas, Peter's Rum Pages, Single Malt Scotch Whisky at Cask Strength, Swizzle Sticks Collection, Unusual Wine Labels
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Brooke Bond Picture Card Issues, Collection of Tea Caddies., Kester Tea Bag Collection, Monica's Tea Bag Collection, Monica's Tea Bag Collection, Tea Bags Collection, Tea Card .Com, Teabags Collection
Ann & Andy Illy Collection
A gallery of Illy Collection espresso and cappuccino cups, with photographs, guestbook, discussion forum, and selected cups for sale.
Asian Coca-Cola Cans
Asian soda cans, beer cans, bottle caps, and other miniature bottles, with images and links.
CC International Ltd.
An international organization for collectors of Campbell's Soup and other Campbell items. With image archive, convention information, message board.
Chewing Gum Wrappers
Valery Nosal, a Russian collector, displays a large collection of chewing-gum wrappers from around the world, with links to related sites. English and Russian translations.
Cigarette Packs Collection
Collection of cigarette packs from worldwide (both full and empty) with a lot of beautiful pictures, a guest book and a link page to other collectors sites.
Collecting Tin and Graniteware Measures
Some photographs and history about the manufacturers of tin and graniteware measures used in general stores in Canada from the late 1800s until the mid 1900s.
Coon Chicken Inn
Some history about the founder of this restaurant chain, with some information about Black memorabilia of the early 20th century.
Doughboy and Sprout Collector Page
Information about collecting doughboy and sprout advertising items.
The definitive guide for Pillsbury doughboy collectibles. Contains links, photos, and an interactive message forum.
Illy & Amici Collection site
Information about Illy and Amici espresso cups, with photographs of the collection, a trade/want list, and links page.
Lolly Sticks
A Danish collector exhibits his collection of lolly sticks. Guinness Book record holder(2002).
Online Museum of Shopping Lists
A growing collection of discarded shopping lists (found in supermarket trolleys). All manner of handwriting, spelling, and notepaper. A glimpse into the personal wants and needs of total strangers.
Pillsbury Doughboy Photo Album
Photographs of Doughboy items in a personal collection.
Sardine King
Collector page featuring vintage California sardine can labels with many photos. Includes gallery, history, and contact information.
For collectors and traders of SoBe beverage caps. A list of SoBe caps, flavors, and related links.
Speas Vinegar Collectors
Information about the company, with photographs of numerous items the company produced.
Super Hero Food
An online museum featuring a collection of comic book and super hero related food products.
The Condiment Packet Museum
Gallery of assorted condiment packets from hundreds of restaurants: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and many other items.
The Imaginary World/ Tick Tock Archives
A collection of a variety of food and drink packages and toy premiums from the 1950s through the 1970s.
The Museum of Beverage Containers and Advertising
Over 36,000 cans and bottles displayed of soda, beer cans, bottles, and advertising items.
The Potted Meat Museum
A large and diverse collection of various meats in cans. Includes exotic meats and international selections, with photographs, a history, and links to related sites.
The Stove Collector
For users and collectors of camping stoves of all kinds, from antique kerosene burners to modern multifuel models. Features a database of over 130 different brands, with some photographs.