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Blue Ridge Insulator Club, Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club, Jefferson State Insulator Club
For Sale
Impostulators - Glass Insulator Replicas, In-Glass Direct, Open Wire Insulator Services, Spec-Tru Glass Color Reference Tool, The Brookfield Store, The Insulator Store
A Brief History of Insulators
The California Drum Barracks provides history of 'Confederate Egg' insulators used in the Civil War.
Argentina Glass Insulators
Photo gallery of glass insulators made in Argentina.
Argentina Porcelain Insulators
Photo gallery of porcelain insulators made in Argentina.
Bill Winters's Insulator Page
This site combines photos with a narrative which includes insulator interests, favorite insulators, personal background, and links.
Brian's Glass Insulator Page
Shares pictures and descriptions of favorite pieces in glass insulator collection including many Heminggray, with related links.
Buzz Cashion's Insulator Site
Collector shares hobby of various types of insulators through pictures, and descriptions.
Canadian Insulator Collector's Page
A tour of our insulator collection in southern Ontario, Canada. Contact information provided for help with insulator identification and information, and for those interested in buying, selling, or trading glass insulators with a Canadian collector.
Canadian Railway Telegraph Insulators
Pictures insulators used along Canadian railways and telegraph/telephone lines in the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are related links and an email contact as well.
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Muse
This page features the Brooks ramshorn insulator and its associated patent information.
Charles Bibb's Insulator Photo Album
This hobby enthusiast's site pictures insulator related events, and insulators from Mississippi and in his collection.
Charles Robinson's Collection
Extensive collection of insulators, focusing on porcelain; includes 'in action' photos from states across the US.
Clint's Place
Clint's online display of his porcelain signal-style insulator collection. Featuring more than 30 different manufacturers, countless color variations, rare one-of-a-kind insulators, and hundreds of photos.
Coble's Eclectica: The Insulator Zone
A narrative style insulator collector's site including a want list, pictures, and links to related sites.
Collectible Glass Insulators
Virtual photo album of Columbian Zicme insulators. [Registration required to view the images.]
Collecting Insulators
Information on the hobby of collecting insulators and related collectibles. Contents include pictures of insulators, history of companies, patents, where to find insulators, manufacturing details, insulator terminology, books on the subject, and background on the hobby.
Corning Pyrex Insulators On Parade
This site contains pictures of Corning Pyrex insulators still in use.
Craig's Insulator Picture Page
This site features a collector's insulators presented through graphic links to photographs with captions.
Crown Jewels of the Wire Magazine
Magazine dedicated to the collectors of historic glass and porcelain insulators used by telegraph, telephone and electric power utilities. Includes value finder and subscription information.
Electrical Insulators: The Vista Historical Museum
A brief written historical description of antique telephone insulators with photographs
Exact Insulator Markings
Built for collectors, by collectors. The purpose of this site is to collect, list, and share at one source the exact markings on any collectible insulator.
Glass and Glass-Making in Canada - Industrial Glas
This page is part of an historic reference site dealing, in part, with Canadian glass works. Pictured here is a lightning rod insulator bearing the "Hickock's Patent 1859", USA.
Glass Insulators and the Mud Club
This graphics rich insulator site features thumbnail pictures of both glass and porcelain insulators.
Glass Insulators Reference Site
Insulator collector's resource with information on glass and porcelain insulators, a show calendar, glossary, tips and photos of rare items.
Glass Threaded Insulator Nicknames
Lists the nicknames used for different styles of insulators, with photos of many.
Features the 'Hemingray Database' with details on this manufacturer's insulator production, photos of shows and displays, 'Laugh Lines' comics, and trip journals.
Hungarian Insulators
Site of a Hungarian collector; includes many photos and drawings of insulators in use in Hungary.
Insulator and Telegraph Information
Assortment of insulator, telegraph, telegram, mining and vintage document information and graphics. Also, insulator identification drawings and a listing of telegraph company names, and scanned telegrams. Extensive want list and trade item list.
Insulator Collecting in South-Western Ontario
Insulator collecting photos and descriptions by a youth living in Ontario Canada.
Insulator Collector's Picture Forum
A photograph gallery where insulator collector's can post their insulator pictures by sending them to The Insulator Webmaster - Bill Meier.
Insulator Collectors On the Net Webring
Group of insulator enthusiasts who have linked sites together to allows visitors and ring members easy navigation.
Insulator Defined
The MacMillan Encyclopedia of Physics definition of an insulator.
Insulator Gurls at Large
Follow the odyssey of two Canadian insulator collectors, who refuse to take themselves seriously.
Insulator Magic
This collector's site combines graphics, pictures and narrative style text to present the insulator collecting hobby from a unique point of view.
Insulator News & Market Report
Here is a commercial advertising a high-end, industry specific journal that serves the commercial electrical market as a source of information on international developments in power transmission and distribution.
Insulators Canada - Where Collectors Come to Meet
A family-oriented web-based forum dedicated to all aspects of the insulator collecting hobby. Includes an 'Insulator of the Week' section.
Insulators from Australia
Collector's site, which includes history of Australian-made insulators.
Insulators: The Hidden Obsession
Pictures, show reports, and collecting stories.
Jim and Terry Wright's Webshots
This virtual photo album includes colorful pictures of insulators and various other collectibles.
Justin's Insulators
Collection photos, Lynchburg history, and suggestions on cleaning, cataloging, and displaying.
Lisa's Collecting Glass Insulators
This page tells a short story about one collector's interest in the hobby.
Provides space at no charge for insulator and go-with collectors to maintain a site. Also a directory of member sites.
National Insulator Association
This site provides detailed information about the National Insulator Association. Photographs related to collecting glass and porcelain insulators and significant historical data are also available.
Insulator collecting site including photo album, complete collection index, how to get started, links, and insulator embossings of North America.
Otter's Insulator Page
This collector's site combines pictures with a narrative including: What I Collect, Other Hobby Interests, Guestbook, hobby links and an email contact.
Glass Insulators, Prism Glass, and related history.
Porcelain Insulators
Collector, research expert, historian's site
Rainbow Riders Trading Post
Photos of displays and shows, a few articles, and information about the out-of-print magazine.
Rod's Classic & Antique Antenna Insulator
Collector's site with photos of "go-withs" from old-time radio antenna systems, including 'strain' insulators, lightning arresters, lead-in standoffs, and other related hardware.
Ross Baird's Insulator Collection
A Texas collector of unusual color glass insulators.
SignalSpark insulator book
SignalSpark is a high quality book celebrating the insulator as an icon of industrial design.
Sluggo's Insulator Collecting
This personal insulator collecting homepage features Australian and other non-United States-produced glass. Lots of reference information, photos and an 'Insulator of the Month' page.
Spencer Grueninger's Ohio Lightning Rod Insul
Lightning Rod Insulator (LRI) collector's site with items for sale or trade.
Steve Blair's Website
Photos of Lynchburg collection, strains and arrestors and the London/Springfield traveling show.
Teleramics - UK Railway Telegraph Insulators
Detailed information and photographs on styles, materials, colours used for railway telegraph insulators from the UK. Sections on designers, markings and manufacturers of these products. Sub sections include railway crockery, insulator fixings, telegraph poles, brackets, and railway lighting.
The Dripped Signal
This site is dedicated to those collectors who inspired by history, stimulated with color and shape, developed this wonderful hobby of insulator collecting. It includes pages for 'Teats On The Petticoat', 'The 1893 Drip Point Patent', 'A fantastic! Graduation of Color', and 'An easy way to remember the basic styles'..
The Old Times: Inside insulators
Feature article about an insulator collector.
The Wayback Times - Threadless Insulators
Collector's site
Threadless in Alexandria, VA
A photo from 1862 of insulators in use at a railroad depot in Alexandria, Virginia.