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1000 BiT
Database of vintage computers, documentation, brochures and advetisements, with many images. Users can provide trade or want lists. English/Italian.
A Computer Collectors Site
Information about how to collect old computers, and help with reading and converting old disk formats.
Albert's Virtual Computer Museum
Pictures and information about obsolete computers and game consoles.
Ancient Computer Community
A collection of obsolete computers, peripherals and game consoles, with a library and photo gallery. Has a member's area for messaging.
Binary Dinosaurs
On-line computer museum with photographs, articles and some humourous commentary.
Bryan's Old Computers
A collection of pre-1982 microcomputers, with stories and photos of their full restoration to original condition.
Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum
A private collection of calculating machines, from slide rules to microcomputers and workstations, with photographs and descriptions.
Classic Computer Online Museum
Information about Commodore, Sinclair, and other computers, with photographs and articles about game programs.
Classic Computers
Subscribe to a classic computer discussion group, or join the Classic Computer Rescue Squad. Some links to vintage computer resources.
Books, software, magazines and hardware from various retro home computers from the 1980s and 1990s.
Collection of Old Computers
A collection of Commodore and other 6502-based computers, with some discussion of programming.
Commodore B Series
Detailed information for collectors and users about the hardware, firmware, software and history of the Commodore B Series computer, including a list of resources.
Commodore Gallery
A collection of computers and other products by Commodore Business Machines maintained by Bo Zimmerman.
Commodore Home Computer Museum
A private collection preserving the Commodore Computer History in New Zealand, with various models of Commodore and Amiga computers and peripherals.
Computer History 08
A Yahoo! Group for those interested in computer history.
Computer History Association of California (CHAC)
An organization of collectors, with computer history, newsletter, photographs and general information about collecting.
Computer Museum
A collection of IBM mainframes, peripherals, memory systems and troubleshooting equipment.
Computer Museum TonH
Ton den Hartog's museum with computers, calculators, and other electronic devices, as well as books, magazines, and a want list and for sale list. Has an automated slide show to display items in the museum.
Computer Museums and RetroComputing Culture
Ring reflecting the socio-anthropological impact of technological development.
Donovan Marshall's Computer Collection
Pictures and specs of the computers in his collection. Also includes some calculators and video game consoles.
Dragon Data Archive
A collection of Dragon Data Ltd (UK) computers, hardware, software, and advertisements, with photographs, publications, and a swap shop.
Erik S. Klein's Vintage Computer Collection
Includes such classic systems as Apple, Atari, Commodore, Mits Altair, Osborne, Kaypro, IBM PC. Includes a discussion forum.
Ex-USSR and Russian computers
Photos and information on former USSR and Russian computers, and cpu`s.
Fred F. Feddeck's Vintage Computer Collection
Pictures of his collection and some more in depth information on some computers.
Future Data Processing
A collection of old Macintosh computers, calculators, and information about the Prime computer.
Gaby's Computer Museum
Gaby's personal collection of computers, terminals, and other peripherals. Also has information about the CP/M operating system.
Gallery of Old Iron
A collection of old IBM System 360 and System 370 mainframes, along with some other systems and components.
A collection of home and personal computers, and video and TV game consoles.
Home Computer Museum
Pictures, stories and specifications about many home computers and video games from a private collector Germany. Includes tips for collectors, price guide, emulators, and guestbook. English and German version.
HP Series 80 Web Site
Information about the HP-80 series of computers of the 1970s, including manuals, programs, and ROMs.
Ian's Dump
A personal collection of old computers and game consoles, including Atari, Sinclair, and Commodore.
Independent Commodore Library
Scans of manual and catalog pages, parts lists, and other documentation related to Commodore computers.
Jim's Computer Garage (museum)
A virtual computer museum providing visual and background stories, information about the collection, repair and restoration tips and tricks, and presentations and displays available for schools.
Karolo's Old Microprocessors Zone
A listing of central processor units and other chips from a private collection, along with a list of trading specimens.
Ken's Computer Museum
There are 14 historic personal computers on display, at the Business & Computer Bookstore, in Willow Grove, PA (USA)
Kevan's Computer Bits...
A personal collection of old computers, calculators, video games and peripherals.
Larry's Classic Commodore Pages
Photographs of a Commodore Collection, with history, software, troubleshooting tips, and list of other resources.
MagerValp's Computers
Descriptions and pictures of some old computers.
Mika's Computer Museum
A small collection of old computers in Finland.
Mind Machine Museum
Web museum of vintage computers, calculators, video games, and artifacts.
Obscure Pixels
A collection of old computers and game consoles.
Obsolete Computer Museum
A large collection of obsolete computers. Includes photographs and a 'Help Line' for questions and answers.
Old Computers
A collector maintains a list of old computers, with additional information and downloads.
An on-line museum with photographs, articles, and a collectors club with a forum and chat.
Oscar's Vintage Computers
A private collection of vintage computers, focusing on CP/M in particular, with images and descriptions.
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection
A collection of mainframes and minicomputers, with photographs and commentary.
Peter's Sun3 Zoo
Peter Koch's collection of old Sun3 computers, with hardware and software tips, and downloads. English and German versions.
Phill's Computer Museum
A collection of early personal computer systems, with specifications and some photographs.
A collection of old computers and videogames.
Retro Computer Gallery
Computer collection comprised mainly of photographs of selected machines and software and magazines.
Information about Commodore computers, including the Commodore Knowledge Base and the Secret Weapons of Commodore, as well as some information about the Tomy Tutor.
Ron's Mousepadmuseum
Ron's collection of mousepads, with many scanned examples.
Rune's PC-Museum
Rune's PC-Museum features personal computers from the past, including DOS, CP/M and others.
Sothius Homecomputer-Museum
A collection of computers and peripherals, and some game consoles.
Stefan's Old Computer Collection
A personal collection of old computers, screenshots of classic bootscreens, brochures, and downloadable vintage software. Also has a buy/sell computer market.
The Atom Review
A nostalgic review of this 8 bit computer based on the 6502 processor, with photographs, diagrams, and detailed descriptions. English and Dutch version.
The Classic Computer and Gaming Show
An annual trade show featuring old computers and video games, for collectors and enthusiasts.
The Commodore CBM-II Page
Photographs, advertisements, specification sheets and other information about Commodore CBM-II series systems.
The Computer Collection
Jay Jaeger's collection of computers, peripherals, and manuals, with photographs and descriptions.
The Cyberden
Catalog of floppy disk sleeves, with photographs.
The Degrader
A site dedicated to the collection and use of old and obsolete computers and hardware. Includes software and emulator downloads and a discussion forum.
The First Virtual Mousepad Museum
A collection of over 250 scanned mouse pads.
The Home Computer Hall of Fame
A collection of photographs, technical specifications, and other information about a variety of old computer systems.
The Jim Austin Computer Collection
A collection of old computers from the 1960s and onward.
The Machine Room
Many classic home and business computers from the 1970s and 1980s, including pictures, descriptions, technical details and links to other sources of information.
The Nascom Home Page
A large collection of information about the Nascom computer kit of the early 1980s, with manuals, software, emulators, and photographs.
The Pocket Computer Museum
A collection of calculator-like programmable pocket computers from the 1980s, with photographs and trading information.
The Sharp MZ-Series
Information about the Sharp MZ-series computers, including photographs, software, swapping, and guestbook.
The Strange World of Dean G
Dean shows his collection and provides some information about network gaming.
The Tomb of The PS/2
Dedicated exclusively to the IBM PS/2 computer system, with legacy information, photographs, specifications. Some browser compatibility problems.
The Trailing Edge
Features a collection of 'rehabilitated' computer systems and want list.
The UC Davis Computer Museum
A computer science club collection of personal computers and related items, with photographs. Also includes a timeline of computer history.
The Virtual Museum of Computing
A virtual museum that includes an eclectic collection of WWW hyperlinks connected with the history of computing and on-line computer-based exhibits available both locally and around the world.
Uncle Roger's Classic Computer Resources
A collection of links to computer history resources for researchers.
Vintage Computer Auction
A free auction site for collectors, buyers, and sellers of vintage computers, software, slide rules, calculators and other vintage technology.
Vintage Computer Fest Europa
European meeting place for those interested in old computers. [Available in multiple languages.]
Vintage Computer Festival
An international event that celebrates the history of computing.
Vintage Computer Resource
Information resource for vintage computer collectors. Includes photographs, pricing information, and instructions for transferring files to older machines.
von Neumann Machines
Photographs of some vintage computers and a large listing of computer history books.
Voyager's Infamous Computer Collection
A collection of obsolete computers, with photographs and technical specifications.
WF King's CBM page
Information about many of Commodore Business Machine's family of computers, with photographs of computers and old advertisements.
Wouter's Classic Computer Collection
Some photographs and descriptions of computers and components from the collection of Wouter de Waal, including Intel, Apple, and Sharp, with a long list of related links.