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Certificate Collector - Scripophily, Stocks and Bo, FINANCE AREA - Fragments of Financial History, Finnish Share Certificates, Franky's Scripophily Spot, Frauds, Phonies and Scams, Galerie Numistoria, Hugo van der Molen's Scripophily Page, HWP-Info, International Bond and Share Society, Professional Scripophily Trade Association
A Notgeld Collector's Site, Austrian Notgeld, Beer related Notgeld, Collecting German Notgeld, German Inflationary Notgeld 1922-1923, Karl Falk Collection of German Notgeld, Kurioses Notgeld, Nanci & Bob's Notgeld Page, Notgeld - Emergency Money, Perspectives in Numismatics - Notgeld
Canadian Paper Money Society (CPMS), International Banknote Society - Online Journal, Minnesota Money Museum, Nederlandse Vereniging van Papiergeldverzamelaars, Paper Money Magazine, Society of Paper Money Collectors, Inc.
Tracking Bank Notes
Canadian Money Tracker, EuroBillTracker, EuroTracer, EurotraQ, FindLizzy.co.uk, My Euro, See Where I've been, SEK Tracker, subnote, Track My Cash
Aaron's Middle Eastern Banknotes Page
Focused exclusively on Middle Eastern notes. Provides information, images, auctions, and dealers of Middle Eastern notes.
Aaron's Paper Currency Page
Image gallery of currency from around the world, grading information and links to clubs and organizations.
Ackroyd Noteval System
Appraises value of banknotes falling between grades posted in a reference catalog.
African Banknote Collector
Specialised collector of Africa,Portugal,British India. Paper money articles,banknote pictures,sales and wants list
African Paper Money
Specialized collector of West African States and Central African States Banknotes, provides information and scans.
Aldor's hungarian numismatics
Collector's site with hungarian banknote catalogue, and other useful info about hungarian banknotes and coins.
Andrew Jackson on US currency
Devoted to showing images of all the currency notes one of our most popular presidents has appeared on. More than most think!
Artur's Banknote Pages
A banknotes collector from Latvia presenting his collection, want list, swap list, information about current Latvian currency with pictures.
Asian Money Depot
Detailed graphics and information on world paper money, with emphasis on Asian countries China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. Contain translations on Chinese characters on paper money, and variations like watermarks, etc.
Bangladeshi Banknotes
Bangladesh currency images and trade list.
Bank Notes Collection
Includes pictures of each note from the collection, covering Great Britain, WW I, WW II, and Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money.
Bank of Japan Currency Museum
Extensive site with a history of Japanese currency including images.
Banknote Bank
World banknote collectors' community database. Member can build an online collection and interact with other collectors through forums. Free membership.
Banknote Forum
Forum for all paper money collectors. Registration and use is free.
Banknote Gallery
Scans of banknotes from all countries of the world for the collector.
Banknote's of the British Isle's
Banknote images an information for notes of England, Scotland, Isle of Man, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey.
Information and images of bank notes from Austria, Belgium, England, and Germany.
BankNotes and Papermoney
A collection of some of the world banknotes and papermoney, including The Netherlands, Italy, Zambia, Yemen, USA and German NotGeld
Banknotes by Jorge Silva
Find images from banknotes around the world and the link to central banks.
Banknotes of Bangladesh
Images of Bangladesh banknotes, my personnel swap and want list, links to other sites and collectors.
Banknotes of Mali, Guinea and the French Antilles
Images of Mali, Guinea, and the French Antilles. English/French versions.
Banknotes of the Modern World
Modern world note images, trades, links, and security features.
Birds on Banknotes
Information about and images of world banknotes depicting birds.
Bruno's Paper Money Collection
A collection of images of world paper money with thumbnails. Users can add information about the banknotes.
Canadian Paper Money
News, links, and indepth coverage of all Canadian currency.
Canadian Paper Money and Chartered Bank Notes
Canadian Paper Money and Chartered Bank Notes
Canadian Paper Money Errors
Explains what errors there are and how they occurred.
Canadian Replacement Notes
Thumbnail images and information on replacement notes or sheets are used to replace errors discovered on Canadian notes.
Civil War Currency
Examples of Confederate bonds, Confederate State's issued currency and U.S. Fractional currency.
An on-line source for paper money collecting
Coins and Currency of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jor
Coin and currency images and information, including signature variations and counterfeits.
Colectia mea de bancnote/My banknotes collection
Collection of banknotes from over 100 countries, all over the world
Collecting Bank Notes and Paper Money
Find a banknote glossary, fields of collecting, and places to obtain notes.
Currency identifiers, bookstore, grading, and tips for collectors.
Counterfeit Detection
Learn about all banknotes, how they are printed and security features built into them.
This site describes all currency, coins, stamps, bonds, and flags issued by the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War.
Cuban Bank Notes
Old bank notes, documents and publications for view and sale. [English/Spanish]
Currency Den
Wartime Propaganda & Counterfeits, Printer's Test Notes, Hidden Images, Security Devices, Central Banks Links, and World Bank Notes for trade or sale.
Currency Exhibition
Currency Banknote Papermoney Exhibition of over 150 currencies. Gold, Silver, Bronze coins. English, Chinese, and Korean texts.
Czech Republic and Promotion/Test notes
My name is Jiøí from Czech Republic where I collect banknotes for 12+ years (Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic), promotion and test banknotes, history and nowadays of money printing factories.
Dawn's Virtual Currency Collection
Web collection of US paper money
Dutch Banknotes
Netherlands banknotes from 1814 to present.
A Virtual Gallery of World Paper Money Collection featuring Rare Banknotes from the Straits Settlements, British North Borneo, Sarawak, and Malaya.
European & British Commonwealth Banknotes
More than 1000 high resolution scans of banknotes from all european countries, with thumbnails of each. Maps and country information included.
Foreign Currency
Randy Johnson's on line collection of World banknotes. Lots of colorful graphics.
Former Yugoslavian Banknotes
My collection of Former Yugoslavian banknotes, and papermoney
FRBSF American Currency Exhibit
Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency.
Gallery of Bulgarian paper money
History of the monetary affairs and forgers in Bulgaria. Banknotes, cash and treasury bonds, extraordinary paper money. Pictures of all emissions of Bulgarian paper money from 1885 to nowadays.
Gallery of Serbian and Yugoslavian Numismatics
An online catalogue for all Serbian and Yugoslavian banknotes and coins, with many images and full information. Move mouse to left border for menu on most pages.
Glen's World Banknotes
Security features on world currency. Many varieties examined, with image examples. An extensive collection of currency images when exposed to black light.
Greek Currency Directory
Includes over 250 photographs of Greek coins and banknotes from 1828 to present. Full descriptions, brief history, links, and trading option.
Guernsey Banknote List
Banknotes issued in The Bailiwick of Guernsey 1810 - present.
HHN Paper Money Banknote Archive
Images of old and new paper money from around the world with thumbnails.
Historic Banknotes from Germany
Specialised on German banknotes - this site displays a rich selection of German paper money and provides background information on German history, banknotes and general collectors information.
Hong Kong Banknote Collection
Personal collection of banknotes from the former British Crown Colony of Hong Kong spanning from 1873 to 1959.
Hong Kong Banknotes Hub
A viewing hub for Hong Kong banknotes collection.
Hungarian Banknote Catalog
A collector site, striving to catalog pictures of all Hungarian papermoney. In English and Hungarian.
India Banknotes
A one stop website for Indian Banknotes covering all periods.
Indian Currency Collector
Gives a brief account of the history of Indian Paper Money, guidelines on collecting Indian currency, and a select bibliography on references about Indian currency.
Irish Paper Money
Images of Banknotes of Ireland for collectors: Ploughman notes, Lady Lavery bank notes, rare and collectible old Irish money.
Islamic Banknote Reference Site
Signiture varieties, security features, and other information on the Islamic countries.
Israel Banknote
Pictures and information of Israeli banknotes.
janeriks Norwegian Banknote Pages
Information on the bnaknotes of Norway.
Kroyo's Currency Collection
Find information about countries and some of the currencies I have in my collection.
Laos Banknotes Collection
A collection of Laos Banknotes - the former Royal Lao,The State of Pathet Lao and the present Laos Banknotes (Lao PDR). Images, descriptions, and histories of all notes.
Luciano Lazardi
Exchange and trade of international currency and world paper money and banknotes with collectors all over the world.
Mac's Old Paper Money
A History of Colonial and Continental Currency with Images. Buy and sell lists maintained as well.
Mexican Revolution Money
The history of the monies produced by various factions during the Mexican Revolution 1913-1917.
Mexico Banknotes
Images and information of Mexican currency from the First Emission through the Seventh Emission. History of the Mexican banknotes from 1821 forward.
Military Payment Certificate Conversion Page
Issued in an effort to prevent and combat black market activities.
Million Dollar Babies - The Banknotes of Hyperinfl
A compilation of Banknote illustrations from all countries that have issued notes with a denomination of 1 Million or greater.
Mutcher Dollars
Collection of Canadian Currency.
National Banks of Fort Worth, Texas
Devoted to the history of the National Bank Note Era for Fort Worth, Texas. (1877 - 1935)
New Zealand Banknotes
Images and information on the currency of New Zealand including error and polymer notes.
Norwegian Banknote Pages of janerik
Images and information of notes from Norway from pre-1878 forward.
A personal page about paper money in English and Portuguese.
Obsolete Bank Notes
Images a collection of obsolete bank notes of the United States.
Obsolete U.S. Currency
Small collection of obsolete U.S. paper currency on display for viewing, starting with the $2.00 bill and ending with the $100,000 bill.
Old Currency Images
Images of notes printed as early as 1898, from china, cuba, estonia, germany, italy, konigsberg, poland, and russia. All images are 400 dpi, with a gallery of 1000 dpi images.
Online Paper Money
World banknotes for sale or trade from a private collector. Great selections of old and new, scans and links.
Paper Trader On-Line
Offering trades for collectors and includes images of currently available bank notes from around the world.
Paper-Money of the World
This bi-lingual (German-English) site provides information and scans about different world-banknotes as well as a brief description of the history of the issuing country.
A web source for paper money enthusiasts, with emphasis on MPC and other war related currency.
Philippine Banknotes
Current banknote images, translations, and background of events and people depicted.
Philippine Banknotes 1949 - 2004
All notes printed and issued by the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas 1949-2004 by serial numbers. Banknotes in webmaster's personal collection shown to note the progress of the serial numbers.
Physicists on the Money
A page about Physicists honored by having their picture on currency in many countries around the world.
Polymer Bank Notes of the World
A complete review of all polymer (plastic) bank notes of the world, complete with scans, descriptions, and numbering system.
Republic of Texas Currency Census
A census and information about currency of the Republic of Texas.
Roberto's Polymer Banknotes Web Page
History and images of currency made with polymer. English and Italian versions.
Romania Collectors Group
Images of Romanian currency from 1921 forward.
Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage
Official I.B.N.S. Image Gallery Site with images of 7000+ world bank notes, past and present.
Russia Banknotes
Official page by the Bank of Russia, with images and descriptions of all legal tender banknotes.
Russian Banknotes of Wad Nenberg
Images and information on Russian notes from 1767 forward, including local issues.
San Miguel's World Banknotes
Hi-res scans of modern world currency, with detailed descriptions of the people and other design features. Additional info appreciated. Sell/Trade list available.
Scottish Bank Notes
In Scotland, there is a proud tradition of producing bank notes since 1695. These pages have been created to tell some of that history.
Scottish Banknotes and Coins
This site has over 100 images of Scottish Banknotes and dozens of images of Scottish Coins.
Secrets of Making Money
NOVA Online takes a look at the new U.S. currency, with interactive exploration of both new and old features.
Shrinath's Collectibles and Hobby page
Site of a personal collector of coins as well as banknotes from India willing to exchange and contact other fellow collectors.
banknotes from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Includes history, security features, and enlarged images of the notes.
Six Kinds of United States Paper Currency
An interesting look at the various types of notes (paper currency) produced in 1929.
South African Paper Money
Information and images of banknotes of South Africa.
Spanish Coins on American Notes
A discussion of Spanish coin images on American Banknotes and banknotes in general. Includes images of the notes.
Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery
Personal collection 1200+ world banknotes from 276 countries including Azores, British N Borneo, Danish W Indies, French Oceania, Greenland, German SW Africa, Palestine, Panama, Puerto Rico, Reunion, Senegal. SW Africa and Zanzibar. World's largest/oldest surviving bank note: China 1 Kuan, 222mm x 340mm, over 600 years old.
Tom's Cottage
My collection of banknotes, coins and stamps. Central Banks, terminology, history, and other currency links. Interested to buy, sell or exchange.
U.S. Paper Money Appraisals
Offers appraisals of U.S. paper money dated 1929 and earlier. Free for individuals and a modest fee is charged for companies requiring written documentation.
United States Web Press Notes
Web notes, or web press notes, are $1.00 Federal Reserve Notes printed on a web press (1992-1995). Images, info on rare blocks, plate combos, and online sales catalog.
Various Paper Money
Collector site with paper money from around the world from trips plus images and information about notes of Japan.
Vietnam and French Indochina Coins and Banknotes
High quality scans of coins and paper money from Vietnam and French Indochina.
Vietnamese Paper Money
Collection of Vietnamese paper money with images and commentary.
Wheatleys World Paper
Dealer of world paper money and militaria. Specializing in German & Russian will buy, sell or trade.
World banknotes / Billetes del Mundo / Weltbanknot
Thousands of scans of world paper money. The web site for all banknote collectors. Online banknote shop, paper money forum, black list.
World Paper Money
Add free messages in Collector's board, order banknotes for exchange, meet new collectors, talk in chat, play the quis and win banknotes. Site also available in Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian languages.
World Paper Money Collection
Front and back images of personal collection, organized by mappage and alphabetically by country in English and Japanese.
World Paper Money Picture Catalog,
Images of over 1100 notes from 32 countries, numismatic articles, and free collector/dealer ads available. The most complete Haiti papermoney site on the net with over 434 different banknotes pictured.
WSCE Collecting Confederate Paper Money
History of the Confederate States of America paper money.
WWII Philippine Numismatics
Guerrilla, Republlic, JIM, Victory, and U.S. military issues of World War II displayed.
Yugoslavian Paper Money
Issues from 1919-2002 shown by historical time period, including banknotes not issued.