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Organizations and Shows
American Pencil Collectors Society, International Fountain Pen Club, International Omas Pen Collectors Club, Michigan Pen Collectors, New York City Pen Show, Pen Collectors of America, Society Of Inkwell Collectors, The Writing Equipment Society, Writing Equipment Society of Australia
Cumberland Pencil Museum, Gemmas Pencil Sharpeners, Incense Cedar Institute, Leadholder.com - The Online Drafting Pencil Museum, Moose Collects Golf Pencils, Ordinary Pencil, Pencil Pushing, Pencil Sharpener Collection, Pencil Sharpener Collectors Club - "Puntgaaf&, Pencil Sharpeners Collection
Floaty Pens, Fountain Pen, Books About Pens, The History of the Ballpoint Pen, The International Collection of Promotional Pens
All's Well Inkstands
Information about inkstands and inkwells, with anatomy, terminology, history and photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries.
Doug's Inkwell Page
Pictures, descriptions, and valuations of institutional inkwells for dipless pens.
Drawing Instruments
Yahoo! Group for collectors and users of drafting and drawing instruments.
Drawing tools
Drawing tools from the pre-digital area, with drawings and photographs of now all-but-obsolete instruments.
History of Pens and Writing Instruments
Series of articles tracing the history of writing from cave paintings to ball-point pens, and some additional pencil and eraser trivia.
Museum of Writing
Opening to the public in 2003, the museum exhibits materials, equipment, and examples of writing from prehistory to the present.
Pen Repairs
A Yahoo!Group for those wishing to discuss repair and maintenance issues of pens and pencils.
Pens and Pencils
Yahoo! Group for discussing the hobby of vintage pen and pencil collecting.
Two short articles dealing with the history and collection of drawing rules.