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Cheese Making
Cheese making, Cheese Making at Home, Fias Co Farm, FoodHowTo: Cheese Making, Goat Cheese, GourmetSleuth, Making Parmigiano, Scottish Cheesemaking, The Cheese Wizard
Fornaciari parmesan, Gammalost, Parmesan On Line, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Raclette, Raclette Australia, Stilton, The Camembert Pages
American Cheese Society
From the not-for-profit organization which promotes cheeses. General information for all cheese types.
Black Diamond
The snack that peels with a twist. Cheestrings product info, games, activities and contests. [Requires Flash.]
British Cheese Board
Information on British cheeses, including links to producers and recipes.
Canadian Cheese Encyclopedia
Information about cheeses including history, recipes, and cheesemaking.
Cheese 101
A cheese primer for beginner cooks from the Reluctant Gourmet.
Cheese Island
Quirky reviews of various cheeses, paying attention to the all-important distinction between "good cheese" and "bad cheese."
Cheese of France
Official site on French cheese. Quizzes, recipes and suitable wines suggested.
Everything you want to know about cheese. Extensive search features.
Cheesemaking in Scotland
An early look at the history of Scottish cheese.
Searchable database of cheeses, articles about cheesemaking, poems and prose, and dairy links.
Cheeses of France
Origin of cheese and specific information about French cheese.
Cook's Thesaurus: Cheeses
Synonyms, equivalents, and substitutions for a variety of semi-firm cheeses.
DolceVita Cuisine
A concise look at Italy's most popular cheeses.
Dream Cheese
Descriptions of various types of specialty cheeses including their origins and serving suggestions, tips on buying and storing, receipes.
Epicurious: Cheese
General introduction to cheese and links to more specific descriptions of many gourmet cheeses.
French Cheeses
Overview 400 French cheeses with wines, regions, and seasonal recommendations.
Great Cheeses of New England
Descriptions of area cheeses, with chefs' cheese recipes, tips on nutrition, storage, serving and pairings.
Greek Cheeses
Descriptions of the varieties commonly used, including feta.
Guide to Cheese from Around the World
Offers a guide to most cheeses from around the world organized by country.
Hispanic Cheeses
A guide to Hispanic cheeses and creams.
I Love Cheese
The American Dairy Association's official site includes recipes and information on nutrition and storage of cheese.
Lancewood Cheese
The official site for this South African cheese producer. Includes recipes and other helpful information.
Mousetrap Cheese
Information about a working cheese dairy in Herefordshire, England, and information about the cheeses.
Netherland's Cheese
Information on cheesemaking, cheese markets, museums, and serving suggestions for cheeses from the Netherlands.
Norwegian Cheeses
Recipes and information regarding Norwgian cheeses.
Safe Handling of Cheese
Factsheet from Clemson University: Recommendations for storage and handling of cheese.
Switzerland Cheese in Canada
Cheese photographs and descriptions, recipes, points of sale in Canada, and promotional contests of authentic Switzerland cheese.
The Cheese Diaries
Pictures and posts from writers who adore cheese of all kinds.
The Cheeseweb
Information about cheese, cheesemakers, cheese sellers and cheese events around the world.
Truth About Cheese
Brief comments on a selection of popular cheeses.
Vermont Cheese Council
Trade organization to advance the production and image of premier cheeses from the state.
Whatleigh's Grilled Cheese
Recipes, ideas and advice on making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.
Wisconsin Cheese Guide
Prairie Ridge provides information on Wisconsin cheeses including storing, cooking and nutritional information.
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
Regional cheese news and facts, including kids' games, scholarships, recipes, and a form to send away for a cheese-and-beer map.