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Bastard Operator From Hell
Bastard GeoCities Sysadmin From Hell (BGFH), BOFH excuse generator, BOFH Excuse Server, BOFH-style Excuse Server, Simon's Stuff, The Bastard Operator From Hell, The Complete Bastard Operator From Hell, The Glasscollector Union, The Register: BOFH 2K: Kit and Caboodle
Joke Programs, Sick-n-Soft, StupidApps, Wowbagger Insult Generator
Dead-End Pages, Parodies, Web Filters, A Very Depressed Web Server, Chatting up Sisa, Cisco Cartoon, Comic, ComputerPranks.Com, Construction Signs, Crazy Auctions, Disturbing Auctions, EFF, Found on P2P
200 Tonnes of $100 Dollar Bills, Annoyances.org Humor, BBspot - Microsoft Nearing Completion of Death Sta, BBspot - Microsoft Purchases Evil From Satan, Bill Bashing, Bill Gates and the nefarious crew at Microsoft, Bill Gates is dead., Bill Gates is Satan, Bill Gates Pie Toss Screensaver, Bill Gates Wall of Shame
C and C++, Delphi, LISP, ComedyCode, Computer Programming Humor, Computer Stupidities, Epigrams in Programming, Fifty Ways to Hose Your Code, Hacker's Wisdom, Hello, World Page, Holger's Humor Page, How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot, Jargon File
Fake, Joke RFCs, RFC 1149: A Standard for the Transmission of IP Da, RFC 1605: SONET to Sonnet Translation (FTP), RFC 1882: The 12-Days of Technology Before Christm, RFC 1924: A Compact Representation of IPv6 Address, RFC 1925: The Twelve Networking Truths (FTP), RFC 2321: RITA -- The Reliable Internetwork Troubl, RFC 2323: IETF Identification and Security Guideli, RFC 2324: Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (, RFC 2325: Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-
Video game related comics and articles.
Anvil Dropping
Site documents crushing of electronics by dropping a large steel weight on them.
Blinkenlights Posters
The famous blackletter-Gothic sign in mangled pseudo-German that once graced about half the computer rooms in the English-speaking world.
A humorous and satirical take on computer business and related news.
CD-ROMs in the Microwave
Information on what happens when CD-ROMs get put in the microwave.
Colossal Computer Cartoon Book
Vintage cartoons and comics about computers and technology.
Jokes, puns and other forms of humor on various computer-related subjects.
Computer and Technology Joke Page
Computer and technology-related jokes and humorous quotes.
Computer Jokes
A small collection of computer jokes divided into categories.
Computer Jokes
Jokes and pictures aimed at amusing geeks. Visitor contributions accepted.
Computer Jokes
Old and new jokes about computing and the Internet.
Computer Jokes UK
Windows, Linux and Unix jokes, plus technical support stories.
Computer Stupidities
Humorous anecdotes of users creatively misusing computers.
Computer Withdrawal
A humor story about when your computer crashes.
Cult of the Flaky Hardware
Humorous articles about how far people will go to get their computers working again.
Cyber Exorcism
Dedicated to fighting the poltergeists and cyber-demons that inhabit PCs.
Dictionary of Computing
A humourous dictionary of computing terms.
Don't Tech Me In
Technology humor site with articles, links, and e-mail updates.
Easter Eggs
Amusing secret tidbits and Easter eggs hidden in software
Erroneous Errors
A site with erroneous errors and funny features of software programs.
Five B's
Includes computer jokes on a variety of subjects.
Opinions and comment on retro computer games, the Internet and life.
Giggle Productions
Business and IT related cartoons and worst case practice including help desk.
Girlfriend 1.0
Software compatibility problems with the application Girlfriend 1.0.
Hacker Attack Cartoons
Cartoons about hacker attacks on the internet by various editorial cartoonists.
Hardware Comic
Comic strip about a PC and what it gets up to when its owner is away.
Help Desk Horrors
A collection of stories from help desks and support services, drawn from real life with a smattering of fiction and urban legends.
I Hate Computers
Reasons to hate computers. Regular newsletter with back issues.
Inaugural Commode 64 Burning
Picture documentary of the burning of a Commedore 64.
Instant Tech Support Form
An online form that erroneously claims to solve even the most baffling computer problems.
Anecdotes and stories from IT support. Visitors can post their own stories or comment on others.
Kaila's Humor Page
Humor in various categories including computer, Internet, men and women, as well as programmers, hackers and administrators.
Kill a Computer
Various computers are dropped from buildings or crushed by steamrollers.
Computer-related jokes, cartoons, and links.
Knuth 3:16
A retrospective of the work of Don Knuth, written a few thousand years from now.
Letter to the Attorney General.
A satirical view of a world run entirely by Windows XP.
Life In a Tech Shop
A look at how people mistreat their computers, which commentary and photographs.
Spoof of IT industry certification schemes.
Meatnurse: The Epic Geek Saga
Futuristic story on how geeks will all eventually need a meatnurse.
Meet Joe Bloggs
A story of the trials and tribulations of a team of software developers.
Mr. Carpio's Wacky Computer Cures
Humorous answers to common computer questions.
Software parodies includes Joesoft Cheese, a web browser, and Joesoft Mama, a genealogy tool.
Ol' Buffalo Computer Humor Page
Collection of computer jokes.
Or The Rabbit Dies
Web comic about computer and console games.
Parodies of Tech Companies
Including the rivalry between AMD and Intel, and Captain Picard encountering the Microsoft Borg.
Photoshop Jokes
Collection of visual jokes based on the tools and filters of Adobe Photoshop.
Please Spam Me
Sarcastic ode to the worst of the worst junk e-mail.
Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair
A collection of questions asked of a technical support representative.
Quit Slashdot.org Today
Home of the Quit Slashdot movement. Reasons to quit, alternatives, equally bad sites, and a FAQ.
Sonic Dragon Productions
Repository of humorous computer-related links and quotes, as well as a few pictures.
Stupid Computer Tricks
Contains photographs of misused computers sent to the technical support department of a major computer retailer.
Sysadmin Price List
What system administrators charge for everyday events. From alt.sysadmin.recovery.
Extensive collection of amusing tech support stories. Includes stories from home and professional support situations.
The Arrow Homepage
Debates the true nomenclature of those arrow thingys sometimes found in software and other user interfaces.
The Best of Rec.Humor.Funny
Computers and technology jokes with one-line ratings.
The Chronicles of George
Contains end-user support requests with humorous comments added. Also contains FAQs, a discussion board, and a weblog.
The Computer Humor Archive
Includes an extensive list of computer jokes. Also includes links and a guestbook.
The Computer Joker
Jokes covering a variety of operating systems and computer technology.
The Easter Egg Archive
Amusing secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.
The Emperor's Washing Line
Humorous articles on various aspects of information technology.
The Haunted Apple
Humorous ghost stories fabricated from hard facts and experiences of common Apple II users.
The HB Eggjet
Product information for an egg-printing and scanning device for use around Easter-time. In English and German.
The Network Administrator
A humorous take on the lift in IT support.
Humorous and satirical computer-related news stories.
Computer related humor, news, polls and serious articles on security and technical issues.
Toasties - Data Destruction
Guide to destroying the excess CD-ROMs that litter your world. Includes image gallery and guestbook.
TRCLHCA - The Real Canonical List of Humorous Comp
Lists common computer and technology acronyms, their real meaning and a satirical meaning.
True History of the Net
Humorous narrative recounting important events in the history of personal computing.
Unloading Windows
Converts your Windows PC screen to a Mac OS desktop until you exit. [flash-java]
Was ist das Blinkenlights?
Herr Doctor Otto Von Fraktur-Englisch explains.
We Am De Best
Surreal and humorous video games articles and reviews.