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Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, Department of Chemistry and Polymer Sciences, Division of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry - University Halle, International University Chemistry Departments, P. E. Technikon Department of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Colloid Science
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African Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry , American Chemical Society, Analytical and Life Science Systems Association, Brazilian Catalysis Society, California Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Canadian Association of Textile Colourists and Che, Cefic: European Chemical Industry Council, Commercial Development and Marketing Association, Cyprus (Pancyprian) Union of Chemists, Dutch Society of Plastic and Rubber Technologists
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Abstract Database from Rapra, Acronym and Abbreviations Database, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Analytical Science and Instruments Limited, CCINFOweb, Chem Sources-Online, ChemBank, ChemBank - Small Molecule Bioactives Database, Chemcyclopedia Plus, ChemExpo
Chemistry Safety
Chem Safety Graphics, Chemical Hazard Symbols (European/International St, Chemistry Safety Manual, Internet MSDS and Hazardous Chemical Archives, MSU Department of Chemistry, R-Phrases, S-Phrases, The Lycoming Chemistry Safety Page
Andrew B. Ryzhkov, CV, Bhalchandra Bhanage, Chemical Engineer, Clemens Schwarzinger, Colour Chemistry Chemist, Erwan Colomb, Katherine Helmetag - Chemical Tribologist, Kumar, Majeti N. V. Ravi, Nail Shavaleev, Peter Lillehei's CV
Clinical and Medicinal Chemistry
American Association for Clinical Chemistry, American Association of Blood Banks, American Board of Clinical Chemistry, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Association of Clinical Biochemists (UK), Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists, Chemical Backgrounders, Clinical Ligand Assay Society, Current Advances in Clinical Chemistry
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ChemJobs.Net, ChemPortaal, Computational Chemistry Jobs, Organic Chemistry Jobs Worldwide, ScienceJobs.com, Society of Chemical Industry Job Listings
Environmental Chemistry
DAIN Metadatabase of Resources for Environmeantal , Environmental Biogeochemistry, Michigan Environmental Laboratory Association, Oak Crest Institute of Science, Soil and Water Biogeochemistry at the University o, The Foam Book
Avogadro, Amedeo, Babcock, Stephen Moulton, Boyle, Robert, Br+©nsted, Johannes Nicolaus, Davy, Humphrey, Kamen, Martin, Lavoisier, Antoine, Priestley, Joseph, A and B Scott Science History, Alchemist's Corner, American Chemical Society, Atomic Structure Timeline, Beckman Center, Biographies of Famous Chemists, Case Histories of Drug Discovery, Chemistry: Theoretical, Practical and Analytical a, Classic Chemistry, Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
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Nobel Laureates, Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry, The Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Commercial Companies, Directories, Diversions, Education, Employment, High Pressure, Homospoil, Journals, Library, Magnet and RF Safety
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Periodic Table
A Periodic Table of the Elements at Los Alamos Nat, ChemicalElements.com: Online Periodic Table, Chemicool Periodic Table, Chemistry / Periodic table Quiz, Chemistry.org Periodic Table from the American Che, David's Whizzy Periodic Table, DreamWave Periodic Table of the Elements, eFunda: Periodic Table, Elementymology and Elements Multidictionary, Engineers Edge
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Consultants, Educational and Hobbyist, Instruments, Reference Materials, Supplies, Baddley Chemicals, Biogenesis, Chemical.net, China Greatvista Chemicals, MVS Solutions Incorporated, Ryscor Science
Books, Journals, American Chemical Society News Service, Chemical and Engineering News, Chemistry in Britain Magazine, ChemNews, Encyclopedia of Catalysis, HighThroughputExperimentation.com, Royal Society of Chemistry - Library and Informati, Topix.net: Chemistry, Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistr
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Abell Group, Adronov Group, Anslyn Group, Bagchi Group, Baiker Group, Balch Group, Bernstein Group, Bertozzi Group, Bluemel Group, Bowser Biotechnology Lab
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About Chemistry
News articles, periodic tables, educational resources, newsletters, and annotated links.
Chemical News and Intelligence (CNI)
An online business information and database product aimed at senior executives in the chemical industries.
Chemical Online
Marketplace for professionals in the chemical process industry.
An electronic gateway to numerous resources on the Web for chemists and chemical engineers worldwide.
CHEMINFO: Chemical Information Sources from Indian
Site designed to help people find and learn how to use chemical information resources on the Internet and elsewhere. Email discussion list available.
Links for Chemists - WWW VL Chemistry Section
Maintained by the University of Liverpool, this free, searchable chemistry index carries in excess of 8,250 chemistry resources in over 75 chemical categories.
Sci.Chem FAQ
Home of the sci.chem newsgroup FAQ in HTML and PDF.
The American Chemical Society - ChemCenter
ChemCenter is an informative resource for the chemistry community.
The Chemical Industry
Providing information on all facets of the world-wide chemical industry. Many links to web resources of interest to chemists and the chemical industry.
The Chemsoc Chembytes Infozone
Chemsoc, the chemistry societies' network, provides a gateway to the best chemistry information and resources on the web.
The Third Millennium Online - Chemistry
Online textbook, lab activities, detailed information on selected topics, history sections including timelines and brief biographies.