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Atlas of Structural Geophysics
Educational resource providing examples of the relationship between three-dimensional geologic structure and potential-field response.
Commonground Rock Properties Database
Database of the physical and geological properties of rock- and mineral samples. Also contains photos, descriptions and X-ray compositions.
Exploration Geophysics Group
Research using seismic and ground penetrating radar (GPR) interpratation at the University of Trieste, Italy.
Ganquan Xie
Parallel modeling and inversion algorithm for geophysical modeling.
Geophysical Meteors
Meteor-like geophysical phenomena, often preceding bad weather.
GSC National Geomagnetism Program
Contains resources of the Geological Survey of Canada on the ever-changing magnetic field of Canada.
Michael Studinger's Homepage
Geophysical and glaciological research on the Antarctic continent with aerogeophysical methods.
Seismic Reservoir Characterization Laboratory
Research program in the Department of Geological Sciences at Virginia Tech. Its objective is to develop methods to determine the parameters for the statistical reservoir models from seismic data.
Seismic Waves
Information about seismic surface waves signal processing.
Seismic Waves
Short tutorial explains how understanding the paths of S and P waves has helped study the structure of the earth.
Sharp Deconvolution
A novel approach to the comprehensive elimination of multiples, which combines both waveform inversion (SDec) and statistical estimation (MSvE).
The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
Home page of a detailed non-mathematical introduction to the research on the Earth's magnetic environment in space and its history. Contains master directory of more than 70 related text files.
The Great Magnet, the Earth
Historical review of geomagnetism, from the discovery of the compass to plate tectonics and space observations. Also has instructions for teachers, glossary, and FAQ.
The Magnetotelluric Network
MTNet is a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, data and programs between those studying the Earth using electromagnetic methods, principally the magnetteluric method (magnetotellurics)
Thermophysics Research at the Instituto Superior T
Research on thermal diffusivity of rocks by the laser flash technique at high temperature and the dielectric properties of fluids.
USGS Geomagnetism Homepage
Provides background information on the earth's magnetism, geomagnetic field maps and data, and modelling information.