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Coastal Oceanographics, Inc.
Develops PC-based software for marine surveying, positioning and navigation.
CodaOctopus Ltd.
Systems and software for the acquisition and storage of analog and digital data from seismic and sidescan sonar.
Distributed Oceanographic Data System
a data system intended to allow researchers transparent access to oceanographic data, stored in any of several different file formats, across the Internet. Using DODS function libraries, many existing data analysis programs can be easily modified to accommodate access of distant datasets in a manner identical to the access of local datasets. DODS includes a protocol for the transmission of data across the Internet, and supports selection of data using constraint expressions, and translation of data from one format to another.
HydroService AS
HydroService AS offers the dKart Digital Hydrographic Office solution providing digitisation, editing, production and maintenance of paper and electronic charts.
Magic Instinct Software Ltd
Designs and sells software component modules for the marine electronic market including a range of software for marine navigation, real-time bathymetry (Olex) and 3D seafloor mapping (Nautilus 3D).
Ocean Data View (ODV)
A software package for the interactive exploration and visualization of oceanographic and other geo-referenced data. The new multi-platform ODV runs on Windows (9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP), UNIX (Solaris, Irix), Linux and Mac OS-X systems. ODV(mp) data and configuration files are platform-independent and can be exchanged between different systems. ODV(mp) is backward compatible with the "classical" ODV.
OceanAtlas Software
Specializes in custom software development and educational software for natural science. Currently, OceanAtlas Software activities are focused in three areas; data visualization applications, educational software, and custom software development in Java.
Oceans-Climate Explorer
Courseware presents the scientific foundations of oceanography, covering the topics of physical, chemical and biological make-up of the water planet with introductory sections on climate change.
Open Source Aquatic Optics Monte Carlo model
The AOMC model is an open source aquatic optics Monte Carlo model. It is written in FORTRAN 90. It simulates the propagation of light in an optically shallow, vertically heterogeneous aquatic medium.
Operational Applications Service (DEL/AO Unit)
Provides network coordinators with the mapping products they need to manage and enhance their monitoring networks, using geographical information system (GIS) tools.
Markets and develops PRIMER-E, a multivariate statistics program for ecologists.
Software for easy and accurate processing of ADCP measurement campaigns.
SonarData Pty Ltd.
Market Echoview which is a powerful software package for the logging and analysis of data from scientific echosounders. Echoview runs on Windows operating systems in a networked environment.
Taygeta Scientific Inc.
Market a calculator for determining hydrographic properties of seawater.
Universal Systems Ltd
Developers and providers of spatial information and GIS solutions for marine and land based industries for 20 years. A comprehensive set of software products, with a world wide clientele. The flagship suite of products, CARIS, runs under Microsoft Windows 9x/NT and Unix operating systems.