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All About Glaciers
Links to glacier research and projects, glacier facts, questions and answers, a glossary, gallery, bibliography and links to glacier information on the Web.
Centre for Glaciology, University of Wales, Aberys
Research focus is on glaciology and glacial geology. Staff expertise and research areas include relation between glaciers and climate and interactions between glaciers and the marine environment.
General introduction to glaciers, the Antarctic, and related topics in weather, climate, oceans, and geology, from Rice University (Texas).
Glacier Image Database
A collection of photographs illustrating glaciation and its effects upon the earth's surface.
Glacier Research Group, VAW Glaciology Section, ET
Glacier and permafrost research in the Swiss Alps, Greenland Ice Sheet (Jakobshavn ice stream), and in Spitsbergen.
Shockwave video demonstrates different types of glaciers, how they form and flow.
Glaciology at the University of Copenhagen
Climate research through ice core drillings (including logistics and instrumental development), analysis of chemical and physical parameters and modelling. Other topics: Studies of ice rheology and studies of extraterrestrial ice.
Glaciology, Alfred Wegener Institute
Topics include introduction to glaciology; studies of ice sheet volume and glacier mass balance of glaciers by means of modelling, geophysical reconnaissance and field studies; and reconstruction of climate history from ice core analysis.
Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)
U.S.G.S. research project using the world's glaciers to monitor climate change.
INQUA Commission on Glaciation
The goal of the Commission on Glaciation is to explore and develop scientific cooperation for the study of past glaciation and present glacier processes.
Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research Research
Research and reference information on ice-flow dynamics and calving, sub-glacial and englacial hydrology, permafrost, glaciers and sea-level change, climate change and glacier mass balance, heat exchange within snow packs, and related topics.
Michael Studinger's Homepage
Geophysical and glaciological research on the Antarctic continent with aerogeophysical measurements.
Park Geology Tour - Glaciers
Links to U.S. National Parks featuring alpine glaciers, glacial landforms, and Ice Age flood landforms.
Peter Knight's Glaciers
Information, photos, and links on glaciers, glacial environments and glacial geomorphology. Also additional resources for users of the book "Glaciers".
Sang De Brabander's Homepage
Describes glaciological research of Antarctic ice sheets and ice streams by numerical modelling: focus on basal processes, including subglacial hydrology and till deformation. Also: field expeditions to Central Asian glaciers.
Satellite Images: Glaciers
US Geological Survey Satellite Image Atlas of Glaciers of the World.
Scott Polar Research Institute - University of Cam
World Data Center - Directory of European Glaciology
Stockholm University Glaciology
Describes research activities, the Tarfala Research Station, and glaciers the group has studied; lists group members; and provides photos, data, and publications.
The Crevasse Zone
Glaciological data collected on the Juneau Icefield, Alaska. Focuses on GPS-derived surface velocity, surface elevations, and strain rates.
USGS Benchmark Glaciers
Long-term program to monitor climate, stream runoff, and the motion, mass balance, and geometry of glaciers at a few sites in Alaska and Washington State. Data are used to understand glacier-related hydrologic processes and improve prediction of water resources, glacier-related hazards, and the consequences of climate change.
World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Source of information on glaciers and their fluctuations worldwide. World Glacier Inventory contains data on the spatial distribution of glaciers. Fluctuations of Glaciers and Mass Balance Bulletin document changes over time (changes in mass, volume, area and length of glaciers).