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Age-Dating Techniques
Dendrochronology, Fundamentals of Sample Age Determination from its
Australasian Quaternary Association, Canadian Quaternary Association (CANQUA), Friends of the Pleistocene, INQUA - International Union for Quaternary Researc, International Permafrost Association, Irish Association for Quaternary Studies, Quaternary Research Association, The American Quaternary Association
NASA: Global Change Directory, Polar Pointers, World Wide Web Virtual Library: Paleoclimatology a, WWW sites related to Quaternary Studies
All About Glaciers, Centre for Glaciology, University of Wales, Aberys, Glacier, Glacier Image Database, Glacier Research Group, VAW Glaciology Section, ET, Glaciers, Glaciology at the University of Copenhagen, Glaciology, Alfred Wegener Institute, Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS), INQUA Commission on Glaciation
Ice-Coring Projects
Exotic microorganisms found in deep ice core sampl, GISP2 - Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2, Ice Core Drilling in Greenland Ice Cap, Ice Core Paleoclimatology Group, The GISP2 ice core record - Paleoclimate highlight, U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory, WAISCORES - Deep Ice Coring in Western Antarctica
Quaternary Climate Change
A New European Ice Age?, Astronomical Theory of Climate Change, Astronomical Theory Offers New Explanation For Ice, Climate and Global Change, Climate Change: An Earth Sciences Perspective - Ca, IMAGES Project, NOAA Paleoclimatology Program, Paleoclimate and Carbon Dioxide, Paleoclimate and Climate Change Group, Remembrance of Things Past: Greenhouse Lesson from
Quaternary Paleoecology
European Pollen Database, Faunmap, Global Vegetation History, Paleoecological Analysis of Circumpolar Treeline, Paleolimnology, Palynology Springboard, Review and Atlas of Palaeovegetation
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Rese
Information about the central institute of German polar research, its history, its facilities and research ships, and research topics related to geology and biology of the polar regions and world oceans.
Beringian Atlas
Paleonenvironmental atlas of Beringia, an area covering easternmost Siberia and western Alaska.
Climate Change Institute, University of Maine
Studies of climatology and paleoclimatology, glaciers, Quaternary geology, paleooceanography, paleoanthropology, and related areas.
Cracking the Ice Age
Web site related to the NOVA television program about the big sweep and panorama of the Ice Age. Links to other resources.
Friends of the Pleistocene Pacific Cell Field Trip
Announcement of field trip to Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks, October 3-5.
Godwin Institute for Quaternary Research, Universi
Collaborators from several departments engaged in study of paleogeography, Quaternary history and stratigraphy, geoarcheology, palynology, paleontology, and related topics. Describes research, personnel, facilities, and activities.
IGU Commission on Climatic Change and Periglacial
Information about international efforts to coordinate research on the effects of climate on permafrost and other processes and landforms in periglacial regions. Includes conference announcements and links to other resources.
Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology, U
Information about research in the analysis and modeling of climate changes and their impacts on ecosystems, with particular focus on Canada and the Arctic during the Holocene.
Midwestern US 16,000 Years Ago: An Exhibit at the
Deglaciation and late Pleistocene animals and plants.
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - Data Center
Archive for paleoclimate data, research, and education. Climate reconstructions and contributed data sets including: borehole data, climate forcing, corals, fauna, ice cores, insects, paleoclimate modeling, paleolimnology, paleoceanography, plant macrofossils, pollen, and tree ring.
NOVA Online - Warnings from the Ice
Educational website to accompany TV program offers information about Antarctica and about how ice cores provide a record of the past. Discusses how the world's coastlines would recede if some or all of the Antarctic ice were to melt.
Pliocene and Late Quaternary Sea Level
Global Gridded maps. USGS Open File Report 96-000.
Quaternary Geology, Uppsala University
Conducts research on topics such as paleoecology and cosmogenic isotopes, in Sweden and around the world. Includes course listings, news, publications, downloadable software, and links.
Quaternary Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimate Stu
Information about student research, with numerous links.
Quaternary Research at University of Wisconsin-Mad
In Department of Geology & Geophysics, UW-Madison. Studies of basic and applied problems in glacial geology, Quaternary geology, engineering geology,and hydrogeology.
Quaternary Sciences Program at Northern Arizona Un
Information about education, research and data dissemination activities regarding the Quaternary period of the arid western North America. Offers a Master's degree.
Rutgers University Quaternary Studies
Offers a multidisciplinary graduate certificate program allowing students to specialize in the study of the last few million years in earth's history, incorporating anthropology, geology, geography, biology, meteorology, and environmental science.
The Ascent of Mind, by William H. Calvin
Book on the ice ages and how human intelligence evolved.
The Stage Three Project
Interdisciplinary international collaborative effort to assess the current state of knowledge of the relatively mild part of the last glacial when Neanderthals became extinct. Information about objectives, newsletters, publications, directory of project members, and related information.