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European Pollen Database
Collaborative project at NOAA to compile Quaternary pollen data.
An electronic database for the late Quaternary distribution of mammal species in the United States. Illinois State Museum.
Global Vegetation History
An atlas of changes in climate and vegetation over the last 150,000 years (the Quaternary period).
Paleoecological Analysis of Circumpolar Treeline
International collaborative effort to reconstruct circumpolar treeline location, climate and environmental conditions over the Holocene by analyzing modern treeline ecology, tree-ring records, tree macrofossil records of Holocene treeline change, and lake sediment and peat records.
Web resources and links about paleolimnology and pollen studies.
Palynology Springboard
Course presents an overview of pollen morphology and pollination ecology, a history of palynology, and methodology for application of palynology to paleobotanical, geological and archaeological environmental reconstruction. Geosciences/Anthropology 446/846 (University Nebraska)
Review and Atlas of Palaeovegetation
Preliminary land ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum.