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Fertilizer products for garden and houseplants. Includes online ordering.
Sells a water absorbing copolymer for water-wise gardening and decorative projects.
Sells a polymer hydrogel, which absorbs and retains large quantities of water and nutrients when incorporated into the soil.
Best Fertilizer
Fertilizer products and services for professional landscapers, golf course superintendents, and the entire turfgrass industry.
Time-release fertilizer products for a healthier garden.
Sells slow-releasing, super absorbent polymers designed as a soil additive to improve the soil's water-holding capacity.
Jerry's Grow
Gourmet plant food for garden and houseplants.
Magic Minerals.
For quick and slow release properties. Suited for home gardens and larger agriculture applications.
Monty's Plant Food
Offering a concentrated, food grade liquid plant fertilizer.
Nelson Products, Inc
Liquid plant food designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Manufacturer of slow-release plant food for shrubs, vegetable gardens and flower gardens. Provides gardening tips and forums.
Absorbent crystal, that absorbs 300-400 times its weight in water, and has a life span of approximately 5 to 7 years.
Polymers, Inc.
Company selling water absorbent polymers for soil additives.
Sunniland Corporation
Manufacturer and distributor of lawn, garden and tree fertilizers and soil mixtures.
Tandem Marketing
Offering water crystals designed to increase the intervals between watering and plant irrigation.
Sells bulk absorbent polymer, a product widely used in the agricultural, floral and gift industries.
Sells polymer crystals for residential and commercial landscaping, xeriscaping, and crafts.