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Algoflash, Aquadiamonds, AquaLoc, Best Fertilizer, Gardenlink, Hydro-Plant, Jerry's Grow, Magic Minerals., Monty's Plant Food, Nelson Products, Inc
Worms, Advanced Wire Compost Bin, All Things Organic, BZT Compost Activator, Compost Giant, Composters.com, Compostumbler, Covered Bridge Organic, D&P Industries Inc, Hershey's Cocoa Mulch, Kitsap E-Z Earth Organic Vermicompost
AG/Response Inc., American Natural Products Co., Bio-Organics Supply Center, Biofertilizer, Bradfield Natural Fertilizers, Cito Enterprises Inc., Colorado Compost, Dark Green, Dirt Works, Earth Food Associates
Agrofill Srl
Producers of simple and compound fertilizers.
AgroPro Soil Testing
Online shopping site offering convenient soil test packages including all you need to receive a complete laboratory analysis of your soil.
All natural lawn and garden fertilizers.
Hort Sorb
Company offers mycorrhizal inoculants and superabsorbent polymers.
Lawn Fertilizers
Fertilizers for lawns and grasses.
Plant growth stimulators and watering sponges. Includes product descriptions, applications, and testimonials.
Natures Gold Fertilizers
Gourmet fertilizers for lawns and garden.
PlanTea Organic Fertilizer
Organic fertilizer in convenient tea bags for houseplants. Offers UpBeet Gardener newsletter with organic gardening tips, resources, and unique recipes.
Soilperfect Soil Testing
Specialists in affordable soil testing for gardens, lawns, vegetables, flowers, orchards, trees, shrubs and anything that grows.
Soils Online
Order topsoil, bark, sand, and gravel.
Water retention additives for all plants, lawns, and food crops.
The Urban Farming Source Book
Gardening supplies specifically geared towards indoor and organic gardening.