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AG/Response Inc.
Distributors of organic fertilizers for roses and flower gardens.
American Natural Products Co.
Offering all-natural products for lawn and garden care.
Bio-Organics Supply Center
Specializing in locating and producing high-performance organic growing products such as mycorrhizal inoculant, for the home gardener market as well as for commercial growers.
Organic sphagnum peat moss based fertilizer from Costa Rica.
Bradfield Natural Fertilizers
Natural fertilizers for lawns, vegetable, herb, and flower gardens
Cito Enterprises Inc.
Specializing In Liquid Organic Soil Amendment / Plant Food Supplement.
Colorado Compost
An organic compost manure fertilizer.
Dark Green
Do it yourself organic lawncare and gardening news. .
Dirt Works
A place to find organic fertilizers, cover crops, lawn and forage seeds.
Earth Food Associates
Offering books and supplies related to systems for organic horticulture and environment-friendly products.
EcoChem Organics
Organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Help put back the natural nutrients in the soil.
Feed Mother Earth
Includes product information, price, and contact information.
Fenic CO, Inc.
Manufacturer of F-68 PLUS soil conditioner and innoculant which helps home gardeners achieve a healthy soil for growing vegetables, flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs.
Fox Farm
Organic soil and fertizer company.
Garden Ville
Home and farm organic gardening, fertilizer and compost, natural pest control.
Golden Harvest Organics
Natural fertilizer which is a completely natural product that contains no inert ingredients and is eco friendly. Site also includes organic gardening tips, natural pest control and companion planting information.
Grow Joe Fertilizer
Coffee Fertilizer products. Biodegradable pots, liquid and powder made from all-natural ingredients including used, neutralized coffee grounds.
Grow Stuff Plus
Fertilizer and soil products.
Harmony Products
Manufactures organic and organic-based fertilizer for vegetable and flower gardens, house plants, landscaping, and lawns.
Home Harvest
Organic fertilizer dry blends.
HUMATE International, Inc.
Online catalog organic fertilizers, and microbes for optimal plant and soil health. For use on golf courses, farms, vegetable and flower gardens, landscaping and lawns.
K-Mag Natural delivers 3-in-1 fertilizer to organic farmers
Maestro-Gro Inc.
Organic plant food and fertilizer manufacturer and distributor.
Millennium Lawns, Inc.
Products for pet owners for lawn repair and odor. Also, deterrents and stain products for indoor use.
Mother Earth Organics
Offering all natural organic products including fertilizers, soil conditioners, natural soil enzymes, and liquid compost.
Natural Science
Natural organic fertilizer. The high-nitrogen organic fertilizer for your lawn and garden, trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Nitron Industries
A source for organic fertilizers, soil amendments.
Soil conditioner loosens clay and compacted soils improving soil structure and drainage
Planet Green Inc.
Manufacturers of concentrated pelletized compost and all natural fertilizer.
Planet Natural Catalog
An online catalog featuring such organic gardening supplies as fertilizers, natural pest controls, lady bugs, composters, composting equipment, soil amendments.
Sea Spray
Liquid concentrate is all organic.
Marine compost mix and Premium potting mix. Made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss, composted ocean fish and composted cattle manure.
Snowpeak Products
Microbial based natural products for lawns, gardens, compost bins and septic tanks.
Soil Soup
Compost Tea for organic gardening and farming
T&J Enterprises
Organic products including fertilizer, bar soap, Biovam brand products, and yucca extract.
Compost tea with kelp, in re-usable muslin bags.
Triad Inc, Organics
Products and services for your organic fertilizing needs.
U-Mate International, Inc.
Supplier of humates for better plant growth and soil development.
US Soil, Inc.
Offers safe, granulated, organic trace mineral fertilizer for organic vegetables and vibrant flowers.
YK Flora, Inc.
All-natural plant supplement for plant growth and maintenance.