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STELARC, Transhumanist Arts & Culture World Center
Impartial Progress, In Defense of Humanity: Against Transhumanism, Transhumanism and its Absent Discontents, Transhumanism Transcended
Embracing Change with All Four Arms, Ethics for Machines, Ethics for Transhumans, The Ethics of the Cyborg, The Hedonistic Imperative
Preliminary Thoughts on the Value of Wireheading, Society for Neural Interfacing, The Molecular Biology of Paradise, The Orgasmic Brain
Accelerating Future, Chat With Ray Kurzweil, Critical Discussion of Vinge's Singularity Co, Ethical Issues In Advanced Artificial Intelligence, How Long Before Superintelligence?, John Smart's Nanomagazine.com Interview, KurzweilAI, Long-Term Growth as a Sequence of Exponential Mode, Nanotechnology Now - Singularity, Shock Level 4 Mailing List
Bostrom, Nick, Davis, John K., Forste, Eric Watt, Hanson, Robin, Machado, Romana, More, Max, Overmeire, George, Pearce, David: HedWeb, Prometheus Crack, Reason's Triumph
'Transhumanism', by Julian Huxley
Full version of the 1957 essay in which the word 'transhumanism' was coined.
A synthesis of anarchism and transhumanism, centered on the attainment of political, economic, and biological freedom.
Anders Transhuman Page
One of the first transhumanist sites and still very comprehensive. Features an introduction to transhumanism and five detailed topic areas: Individual, Global, Cultural, Technological, and Organizational.
News, articles, and links related to scientific advances in human improvement.
Changesurfer Radio
Weekly program about technology and politics, produced by Dr. James J. Hughes, transmitting a high-tech vision of a radically democratic future. Frequent topics includes biotechnology, bioethics, space, science fiction, sexuality, and radical politics.
Cyborg 101
Explores existing forms of integration of the personal with the technological, using the cinematic Terminator as an extended metaphor.
Cyborg Democracy
Blog and essays that approach progressive politics from a transhumanist perspective.
Extropy Institute
Transhumanist group which advocates using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.
Homo Multifarius
Unique speculative perspective on the possibility of individual humans sharing multiple brains.
Mind Uploading
The putative future process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.
Transhumanist Lexicon
Definitions for terms common in transhumanist discussions, with references. In English and Icelandic.
Wikipedia: Category: Transhumanism
Definition, history, and various topics.
World Transhumanist Association
Explores possibilities for the "posthuman" future created by increased merging of people and technology via bioengineering, cybernetics, nanotechnologies, and other emerging innovations. Offers an academic journal, e-zine, FAQ, discussion lists, and references.