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Early Empires, Rhodesia, Slavery, Wars, Africa - South of the Sahara, Africa Since 1945, Africa South of the Sahara, Africa's Science and Indigenous Knowledge Sy, Africa: History Links, Africa: The Cradle of Civilization, African History, Brief History of Africa, Building Bridges to Afrocentrism: A letter to my E, Civilizations in Africa
Central Asia, East Asia, Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, A Modest Proposal, Asian royalty, Asian Studies WWW VL, Asian Timelines, Dutch-Portuguese colonial history, Emperors of the Sangoku, H-NET Asia-Pacific Network, History of Asia as a whole, Oriental History, Pacific and Asian History
Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic
Central America
World History Archives: History of Central America
Balkans, European Union, Germany, Macedonia, Renaissance, Scandinavia, Wars and Conflicts, Yugoslavia, A Compendium of Common Knowledge on the Renaissanc, Allexperts European History Q&A, Ancient European History Overview, Asian Studies WWW VL - Caucasus, Celts of the Gallic Lands, Central and Eastern Europe chronology and links, DP Camps in Europe, EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Docu, European History @ A-TEN.COM, Evidence: Europe Reflected in Archives
Middle East
Ancient and Medieval, Kurdistan, Ottoman Empire, Center of Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard Univer, Iranians for International Cooperation: Persian Gu, MidEastWeb - Historical Documents, Nabataea, Race and Slavery in the Middle East, Scrolls From The Dead Sea, West Asia and the Middle East
North America
Ancient Age, Disasters, Exploration, Fur Trade, Ghost Towns, United States, Passages: a Treasure Trove of North American Explo, Peopling North America: Population Movements and M, Trade Rings - their History, Use, and Meaning
South America
Inca Empire, Resources, South American Liberators, Women, Conquistadors, James Q. Jacobs, Latin American Studies Network, Latin Americanist Research Resources
History - American and British
Directory of reference sites, portals, mailing lists, and other web resources maintained by the Rutgers University Libraries.