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Alexander Polyhistor
Alexander Polyhistor, Ancient Greek Scientists: Alexander Polyhistor, Fragments of Chaldean History, Berossus
Ambrose, Stephen
Conversation with Stephen Ambrose, Stephen Ambrose, Stephen Ambrose
Appleby, Joyce
Booknotes: Joyce Appleby, Joyce Appleby Presidential Address: "The Powe, Online NewsHour: A Conversation with Joyce Appleby, The National Standards: A US history perspective, UCLA: Joyce Appleby
Barzun, Jacques
Columbia Record: Despite His Move to San Antonio, , Encarta: Barzun, Jacques Martin, Jacques Barzun, Jacques Barzun Quotations File, The Jacques Barzun Prize in Cultural History, The New Criterion: Closing time? Jacques Barzun on
Boorstin, Daniel
C-SPAN Booknotes: Daniel Boorstin, Library of Congress Information Bulletin: Boorstdi, New York Times: Wanted - More Events, More Heroes, The Modern World: The Image
Brinkley, Alan
Columbia University: Alan Brinkley, First Measured Century: Alan Brinkley, News Hour: Alan Brinkley, The American Prospect: Alan Brinkley, The End of Reform, The New Republic: Autumn of the Agitator
Burckhardt, Jacob
Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, Jacob Burckhardt, Swiss Philosopher of History, Janus: Jacob Burckhardt - History as Education and, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
Cahill, Thomas
Looking at Books: The Hinges of History Series, Online NewsHour: Ancestral Appreciation, Salon.com Audio: Thomas Cahill, The Gifts of the Jews, Chapter One, Thomas Cahill
Diogenes Laertius
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Diogenes Lae, Lives of the Philosophers, Notes on Diogenes Laertius, The Manuscripts of "The Lives and Opinions of, Wikipedia: Diogenes Laertius
Ellis, Joseph
Frontline - Jefferson's Blood: Joseph Ellis, Joseph Ellis Vietnam War Wannabe, National Book Award: Joseph J. Ellis, New York Times Books: Founding Brothers, Pulitzer Prize Winners: History, Time Magazine: A History Of His Own Making
Evans, Harold
BookPage: Harold Evans, CNN Book News - The American Century, Columbia Journalism Review - Warning Given...Story, Columbia Journalism Review - What a Century, Guardian Unlimited - Harold Evans, IPI - 50 Press Freedom Heroes: Harold Evans, MidEast Web - The View from Ground Zero, Newseum - War Stories, Newseum War Stories: Reporting in the Time of Conf, PBS - NewsHour: The American Century
Foote, Shelby
Academy of Achievement: Shelby Foote, C-SPAN Booknotes: Shelby Foote, Live with TAE - Shelby Foote, New York State Writers Institute: Shelby Foote, Shelby Foote, Mississippi Writer, University of North Carolina: Shelby Foote Papers
Froissart, Jean
Bartleby.com: The Chronicles of Froissart, Catholic Encyclopedia: Jean Froissart, Froissart's Chronicles, Grand Tournament at London in 1390, Tales from Froissart, The Chronicles of Froissart
Gibbon, Edward
History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empir, Best of Gibbon's Decline and Fall, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gib, Edward Gibbon, Historian of the Roman Empire, Part, Follies of Elagabalus, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Tom Moran's Edward Gibbon Page
Goodwin, Doris Kearns
C-SPAN Booknotes: Doris Kearns Goodwin, Dartmouth College: Doris Kearns Goodwin Commenceme, Gifts of Speech: Doris Kearns Goodwin, History, Baseball, and the Art of the Narrative, Leader to Leader: Lessons of Presidential Leadersh, The American Prospect: The Way We Won
Johnson, Paul
Al-Ahram Weekly: A Farewell to the Intellectuals, Liberty Haven: Historian Paul Johnson on American , Time 100: Historian Paul Johnson
Keegan, John
Booknotes: John Keegan, Daily Telegraph: Let the infighting begin: Britis, History Today: John Keegan, John Keegan and the Grand Tradition of Trashing Cl
Leuchtenburg, William
Law and Politics Book Review: The Supreme Court Re, OAH Newsletter: The Election of 2000, University of North Carolina: UNC-CH historian Leu, Washington Post: New Deal Symphony
Macaulay, Thomas
Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches, The History of England, Encyclopedia of the Self: Thomas Babbington Macaul, Poets' Corner: Lays of Ancient Rome, Selected Poetry of Thomas Babington Macaulay (1800, The Lays of Ancient Rome
Maier, Pauline
Booknotes: Pauline Maier, MIT History Faculty: Pauline Maier, New York Times: Reversal of Fortune, Pauline Maier and the Declaration of Independence, WW Norton: Inventing America
Morison, Samuel Eliot
American Historical Association: Samuel Eliot Mori
Historia Britonum, Medieval Sourcebook: Nennius, Historia Brittonum, Nennius, British Historian
Parker, Geoffrey
OSU History Faculty Biography, Review: The Military Revolution, Review: The Military Revolution, Review: The Military Revolution Debate, True Believers, When Britain Really Ruled the Waves
Procopius of Caesarea
Catholic Encyclopedia: Procopius of Caesarea, Gaiseric and the Vandal Conquest of North Africa,, Justinian, Theodora and Procopius: Procopius, Medieval Sourcebook: The Secret History, On the Great Church, Procopius of Caesarea, Vortigern Studies: Procopius
Said, Edward
American University of Beirut: Edward Said, Edward Said, Out of the Shadows, Reviews of Edward Said's Works, Salon.com: Ivory Tower, The Edward Said Archive, The Nation - The Commentary School of Falsificatio, The New Criterion: Edward Said's Orientalism
Terkel, Studs
Grand Times: Studs Terkel, New York State Writers Institute: Studs Terkel, Spartacus: Studs Terkel, Studs Terkel
Toynbee, Arnold
Lectures on The Industrial Revolution in England
Toynbee, Arnold Joseph
Malaspina Great Books: Arnold Joseph Toynbee (18
Catholic Encyclopedia: Zosimus, Gwarnant: Historia Nova, Vortigern Studies: Zosimus
Alf J. Mapp, Jr.
Showcases the works of this historian and scholar.
Arazi, Doron
Israeli historian, journalist and author. Recent articles, primarily in German, available.
Bacon, Jacqueline
An independent author of books on African-American history, media criticism, African-American and women's rhetoric, and other topics. Biography, bibliography, and reviews available.
Carley, Michael Jabara
Contains information on this historian's publications, courses, editorial, and publishing activities.
Catholic Encyclopedia: John Emerich Edward Dalberg
Biography of the historian best-known for his view of the corruption power causes.
Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies,
Binghamton University center which continues Braudel's study of large-scale social change over long periods of historical time. Papers, description of scholarly activities and events, and organizational structure available.
J. Kelly Robison, PhD
Contains American history texts, an extensive collection of historical documents and information to help students understand the process of doing history, including writing research papers and taking exams. Contains information on American Indian, American West and New Mexico history.
Jones, Tod E.
Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Maryland, with a particular interest in the history and theology of the Christian Church in Victorian England.
Kertzer, David
Information on the books and other professional activities of this historian and anthropologist, the Paul Dupee University Professor of Social Science at Brown University.
Luker, Ralph
Historian specializing in Civil Rights Movement and African-American history. Articles, bibliography, and list of current projects provided, as well as weblog and C.V.
Mladjov, Ian S.R.
Recent papers, conference presentations, and articles. Also contains his collection of detailed chronological and genealogical lists of rulers, along with historical notes on the origin of the state, rulers' titles, and other background information.
Paksoy, H.B.
E-texts of donated works on Central Asian history by Prof. H.B. Paksoy.
Sanders, Brandon
Author of books about World War II and Olympic history. Site includes contact information, bibliography, and selected links.
The Historians and Their Books
A listing of major historians, with bibliographies.
Valencius, Conevery Bolton
Assistant Professor of the Department of History at Washington University in Saint Louis, with current research and courses, curriculum vitae and links.