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A Glossary of Buddhist Terms
Glossary on a site about Chinese Buddhism.
Buddhism A to Z
Compiled by Ron Epstein, Ph.D.
Buddhism Glossary
On the website of a university Buddhist study and practise group.
Buddhist Glossary
Glossary of Buddhist terms.
Dharma Dictionary : Tibetan-English-Dictionary of
An ongoing project involved in compiling Buddhist terminology and translation terms to bridge the Tibetan and English languages. Begun in 1979, it has slowly grown to a database of approx 5 megabytes with 65,000 entries.
Diamond Way Buddhism: Glossary
Glossary with a focus on Tibetan Buddhism.
An extensive discussion of "dukkha", a central term in Buddhism which is not directly translatable into English.
Dukkha and Karma
Essay on the meaning and translation of "dukkha" and "karma".
Glossary of Buddhist Terms
Glossary of Buddhist terms on a site about mysticism in world religions.
Glossary of Kadampa Buddhist Terms
Definitions of many commonly used Tibetan Buddhist terms.
Glossary of Pali & Buddhist Terms
Glossary that covers many Pali words and technical Buddhist terms.
Glossary of Pali Buddhist Terms
Pali words used in Buddhism.
Glossary of Shin Buddhist Terms
Glossary of Shin Buddhist terms, from The Collected Works of Shinran.
Glossary of Terms
Adapted from the "talk.religion.buddhism" FAQ.
Glossary of Thai Temple Terms
Glossary of Zen Terms
A glossary of Zen as used by the Kwan Um School of Zen.
Interpretation of Buddhist Terminology
Essay on how Buddhist terms were translated into Chinese.
Mt. Baldy Zen Center Glossary
Japanese Zen terms in Japanese kanji and romanji with English explanations.
Sesshin Glossary
Definitions of terms used at Zen retreats.
Zen Dictionary
A Japanese Zen dictionary of over 150 commonly used terms.