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Allspirit Selected Buddhist Writings
A selection of Buddhist writings from Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Sumedho, Joseph Goldstein, and Dogen. Also Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.
BBC World Service
Guide to Buddhism with online audio.
BuddhaNet: Buddhist Information and Education Net
Offers an online Buddhist magazine, a comprehensive worldwide directory of Buddhist centers, a library of ebooks, and an extensive database of articles on Buddhism, including insight meditation, metta meditation, history, culture, and academic studies.
Buddhist Information of North America
Free Buddhist e-texts, books, lectures, and teachings. Links to individual schools of Buddhism.
Buddhist Mysticism
Mysticism in world religions. It includes quotations from the Dhammapada, Bodhidharma, Zen Buddhism and contemporary Tibetan Buddhism.
An interactive Dharma Journal. It has been a meeting place for Dharma practitioners who may work independent of the organizations and schools of institutional Buddhism. It is no longer being updated but the archive of work is made available.
CyberSangha Buddhist Archives
Possibly the largest online collection of Buddhist Texts in the world, based on the archives of the former TigerTeam Buddhist Electronic Network.
Dharma The Cat
Cartoons for Buddhists, and each has commentary from people different faiths.
DharmaNet International
Index of Buddhist resources both on and off the internet. Lists of Dharma groups and centers by school and by region.
E-Sangha Buddhism Portal
Features directory, discussion forum, gallery, sutras and weblog.
Family Dharma Connections
Devoted to Buddhist families with children and others interested in sharing Dharma and Buddhism with children. Covers divorce, monastic parenting, and teaching Buddhism to children.
Gateless Passage
Nonsectarian information facility for the lay study of Chinese Buddhism. Has translations of suttras and information on Buddhist Basics.
Individual Answers to Your Questions About Buddhis
Confidential answers to your questions by the volunteer members of Allexperts.com.
Instructions for Daily Dharma Practice
A non-sectarian program geared to American Buddhists to be used as part of one's daily Buddhist practice.
Kalavinka Dharma World
Informational website which includes a non-sectarian Buddhist journal (Kalavinka Dharma Notes) and translations of stories and teachings. Translations include sections from Lotus Sutra, Nagarjuna, Master Chih-I, Master Han-shan De-ching, and Master Hsuan Hua. Also included is a bookstore (associated with Amazon) with titles usefully sorted into different categories. There is also a selection of photographs from a pilgrimage to the holy places of India.
Kamat's Potpourri on Buddhism
Wide ranging topics from a biography of Buddha to Tibetan Buddhist refugees in India.
Manjushri Buddhist Online Community
Buddhist history, teachings, way of life, and the locations of the Buddhist Dharma centers and temples.
The Refuge: A Sangha for the Skeptical Buddhist
A Buddhist community with respect for tradition, but that does not blindly accept the baggage of the centuries.