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Buddhist Association of the United States
The largest nonsectarian Buddhist association in the US.
European Buddhist Union
An umbrella organization open to Buddhists of all schools and traditions to promote fellowship and encourage co-operation. Includes an overview of Buddhism, and a schedule of meetings.
International Buddha's Light Association
Holds a myriad of activities that echoes the annual theme of BLIA World Conference in order to meet the social trend and evolution of modern times.
International Buddhist Culture TV Foundation
Produces television programs that share Buddhist beliefs and the path to enlightenment.
Metta Foundation
Offers non-sectarian teachings and develops service programs, and conducts research that enhances clarity, loving presence and mutuality between people. Offers retreats in the US.
Network of Buddhist Organisations (UK)
Promotes fellowship and dialog between Buddhist organizations. Includes a list of member organizations and a schedule of meetings.
Reiyukai Coffeehouse Links
Provides information and resources on the Reiyukai Buddhist Movement and the study of the Lotus Sutra.
ShinnyoEn Foundation
Established by a lay Buddhist order, Shinnyo-en, which translated means "Borderless Garden of Truth." The order promotes the tenets of compassion, harmony, and altruism, those universal ethical values.
True Buddha School Net
US respresentative of worldwide Tantrayana Buddhist school.
World Fellowship of Buddhists
Aims to secure unity, solidarity, and brotherhood amongst Buddhist; ,propagate the doctrine of the Buddha; and organize social, educational, and cultural activities.