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A Defense of Buddhism vs. Confucianism, A Record of the Buddhistic Kingdoms, Chinese Doctrinal Classifications of Buddhism, Dafo, Diamond Sutra: The World's Earliest Dated Pri, Han Yu's Memorial to Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu History, The Legend of Miao-shan
Buddhist Ethics and Social Criticism, Decline and Fall of Buddhism in India, Lumbini Buddha Temple, Lumbini On Trial: The Untold Story, Mauryan Empire, Ashoka and the Defeat of Alexander
Buddha's World: History of Buddha and Buddhis
Historical material on Buddhism.
Buddhas of Bamiyan
A collection of high-quality photos of the Buddhas of Bamiyan taken prior to their destruction by the Taliban.
Buddhism on the Silk Road
The civilizations which flourished along the Silk Road in the first millennium CE were open to cultural and religious influences from both East and West. Many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism, gained new followers. But it was Buddhism, travelling the trade routes of the Silk Road, which became the common factor uniting the different peoples of the Silk Road.
Buddhist and Islam
The historical interaction between the Buddhist and Islamic cultures before the Mongol Empire.
Buddhist Councils
History of the Buddhist councils, which have been periodically convened since the Buddha's death, primarily for the purpose of ensuring the accuracy of the record of the Buddha's teachings.
History of Buddhism
Overview of the history of Buddhism and the formation of the principal schools of Buddhism.
India and the West
A summary of the history of Indian Buddhism and contacts with the West.
The Buddhist History of Muktinath /Chumig Gyatsa
The Buddhist History of Muktinath /Chumig Gyatsa on the Muktinath website with information about all aspects regarding the Hindu and Buddhist ancient pilgrimage place Muktinath at the Annapurna trekking route in Nepal, incl. pictures, up-to-date news and related links.
The History and Development of Korean Buddhism
A brief overview by Charles Muller.
The Questions of King Milinda
Story of the conversion to Buddhism of Milinda, king of Sagala, in the land of the Bactrian Greeks.
The Rise of Buddhism
Information about how the Buddhist religion started.
The Rise of Mahayana Buddhism
Essay on the origins and rise of Mahayana Buddhism.
Thumbnails Of Threatened Afghan Greco-Buddhist Art
Thumbnails can be clicked on for enlarged views. This is on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) web site.
Timeline of Buddhist History