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Articles on the notion that students of meditation should maintain traditions of free speech and scientific rationalism.
Anthony Yeo Buddhism Page
Thai Buddhism.
ariya Buddhism
Julius Evola's personal site on Buddhism.
Bodhi's Enlightened Serenity Hoempage
Homepage for clean and sober Aussie Buddhist who is currently in the ordination process with the Western Buddhist Order. Site includes related links.
An Esoteric Buddhist Order, sympathietic to the LHP, that also takes inspiration from Jina Mahavir, and Epicurus of Samos, encouraging Self exploration, over rigid inflexibility, superstition and blind faith.
Buddha Sasana
A Buddhist page by Binh Anson. Offers various readings on Buddhism, Theravada, and Mahayana.
A personal site for the politically activist, socially inclined Buddhist.
Buddhism Depot
Buddhism information (introduction, scriptures), discussion, chat.
Buddhist Inspirational Quotes
A collection of Buddhist quotations and sayings.
Buddhist Viewpoints
Links to writings from Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism on various sites.
Derek Cameron
Essays on Siddhatha's enlightenment, cittanupassana, plus primal therapy and vipassana. Also an introductory taste of Pali, plus some book recommendations.
Dhamma Corner
Features Buddhist principles, issues and history. Also consists of quotes and other Buddhist links.
Buddhist-inspired quotes.
buddhist articles on modern issues, yoga, and philosophy.
freedom for all
An Irreverent Buddhist comments on the World. Campaigning for political and economic reform to end thirty thousand needless child deaths every day. That's just the start.
Gilli's Buddhism Home Page
devoted to those who are interested in learning more about Buddhism
Grohmann, Friedrich F: Awakening Academie
German Buddhist scholar living in Taiwan. Includes Buddhological research, linguistics, psychology and mythology, and translations of ancient Chinese stories.
Jim Adamik's Home Page
A personal web site, explaining the author's years of living and working at Buddhist and Yoga Retreat Centers.
Jou's Web-site
Comparative Religion and Spirituality: Harmonizing Texts and Experience in Buddhism and Christianity.
Leaves from the Buddha's Grove
An archive of Zen/Ch'an and Theravada original writings, sutras, poems and stories by ancient as well as contemporary masters.
Leow Chee Ming's Homepage
Personal interests in Buddhism.
Lobsang Rampa - Author of Spiritual Knowledge Book
Provides information about the life of Dr. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa plus free downloads of his books. Also includes information about Tibet, astral travel and extensive links directory.
My Journey
Poems, thoughts and ramblings on how Buddhism and Psychotherapy have shaped the author's life.
One Man's View by Robin A McQueen
Advanced consciousness is viewed as a rapidly-evolving locally-impacting evolutionary force millions of times more powerful than that which brought the universe to the level of maturity at which it emerges.
Path to Nirvana
Thoughts and quotes about nirvana and the Eightfold Path.
Prayer to Kuan Yin
A prayer to the Bhodisattva Kuan Yin, and includes links to other sites that teach a little about her.
Present Moment
A record of Buddhist meditation in the form of a weblog.
Purify Our Mind
Help us control upgrade ourselves deal with different situations build up utmost wisdom understand world universe dispel depression engage self cultivation start life anew.
ShanT's Website
Photo's Stories, politics, Spiritual Quests and more ...
The Buddha is my DJ
A depository of the authors rambling thoughts, a resource for revolutionaries, a reflection of the buddha. Make of it what you will.
The Buddha Project
Links to Buddhism-related news, articles, stories, information, sites, and other tidbits.
The Lotus Throne of the IronBuddha
A site for sharing Buddhist ideas, experiences, and awareness. Through interaction we can hope to bring order out of chaos for all sentient beings.
Writings of G.R. Lewis
This website features some of the Shin Buddhist writings of G.R. Lewis, founder of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut.
Yiu-man Chan's Homepage
A collection of Stories from Buddhism and biographies of Celebrity Buddhists.