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Chats and Forums
Deism and Age of Reason, Meetup: International Deism, MSN Groups: Belief in God without the Baggage, Yahoo! Groups: Deism, Yahoo! Groups: Deist Society, Yahoo! Groups: United Deist Church
Founding Fathers Debate
America's Christian Heritage, Faith of Our Fathers: History Rewritten, Infidels.org: The Christian Nation Myth, Of Course There Were Deists, Six Historic Americans, Stand to Reason: The Faith of Our Fathers, The Faith of Our Founding Fathers, Who is Nature's God?
Aldeism, American Unitarian Conference: The Connection of D, Southern California Deist Community, United Deist Community, United Deist Congregation, World Union of Deists
Abraham Lincoln: Deist and Admirer of Thomas Paine
Chapter from the book "Religious Beliefs of Our Presidents," by Franklin Steiner (1936). Relates opinions of Lincoln's friends and biographers regarding the nature of his belief.
Alternative Perspectives: Separating God from Reli
Affirms God as the Creator of the universe and its laws, disaffirms religion as man-made myths and rituals.
Atheist Becomes Theist
Interview with former Atheist Antony Flew about his belief in Deism and the possibility of Theism.
Bibliomania: A Refutation of Deism
Short prose by Percy Bysshe Shelley.
Cambridge History: The Deistical Controversy in En
Historical survey of the main proponents and their literature.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Deism
Historical survey and critique.
From the Dictionary of the History of Ideas.
Deism Advocated in the Bible
Series of articles finds strains of Deism in some books of the Bible.
Deism and Reason
Surveys and espouses traditional Deism. E-text resources and Deist quotations.
Deism and the Enlightenment
Class lecture notes and recommended readings.
Deism, French
Brief historical survey of the development of Deism in France, as espoused by Voltaire, Diderot, and Rousseau.
Collection of downloadable writings on skepticism, divine revelation, and ethics as well as works by Thomas Paine.
Deist Information
Stephen Zinn explains how he came to believe in Deism. Primer and chronology.
Einstein on a Personal God
Excerpts illustrating belief in a supreme moral code while denying a personal God.
English Deism (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Reference on Deism in England.
Enlightenment Glossary: Deism
Article discusses origins and cultural influences.
Five Points of Deism
Slideshow on the characteristics of the Enlightenment and Deism.
Four Discourses
Portion of 1798 work by Samuel McCorkle arguing the superiority of Christianity to Deism.
How a Catholic Priest Turned Deist
Father Raymond Fontaine describes why he left the Roman Catholic Church and now leans toward Deism.
Hume and the American Deists on Miracles
Essay by James Dye discusses David Hume's influence on the Deism of Ethan Allen, Thomas Paine, and Elihu Palmer.
Jewish Encyclopedia: Deism
Brief survey of English Deists, the influences in philosophy of Moses Mendelssohn, and the Talmud's rejection of the concept.
Jill Neimark: Edward O. Wilson Interview
Wilson calls himself a provisional Deist, affirming the likelihood of a prime mover.
Joseph Butler
James Kiefer discusses Butler's arguments against Deism.
Kant's Theistic Solution
Essay by Stephen Palmquist proposes that Kant is better classified as a Theist than as a Deist.
Life's Message
A monotheistic religion based on transcendent moral principle.
Modern Deism
Primer, quotes, and articles.
Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christi
From the Modern History Sourcebook: A brief comparative analysis by Thomas Paine.
Open Your Eyes
Defends Deism and theistic evolution, examines issues of Biblical errancy.
Introduction and FAQ. Proposing that all reality exists within Deity and in process with Deity.
Positive Deism
Promotes Deism and its beliefs with articles, forum, and chat.
Presence On the Net of Deists for Enlightenment an
Essays on the history, philosophy, and ethics of Deism. News, FAQ, suggested reading, book reviews, humor, and poetry.
ReligiousTolerance.org: Deism
Definition, history, quotes, and bibliography.
Rise and Fall of English Deism
Essay by Cky J. Carrigan provides historical survey, discusses proponents and main tenets, and analyzes its demise.
Telic 21
Promoting Process Deism which emphasizes evolutionary progress.
The Deist's Reply
1836 book by Lysander Spooner argues against the miracles of Jesus as found in the Gospels.
The Human Jesus and Christian Deism
Topical articles explaining the meaning, history, and tenets of Christian Deism.
The Light
Original articles by Vynn Roehm extolling the reasonable, immutable nature of God as revealed in creation. Annotated reading list.
The Origins of Deism
Lecture by Terry Matthews traces the course and development of Deism.
Thoemmes.com: Charles Blount
Short biography of the life and accomplishments of this early English Deist.
World View: Deism
Christian evaluation with positive and negative comments, bibliography of books by and critical of Deists.