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A Course in Miracles: A Biblical Evaluation
Critical examination of A Course in Miracles from a conservative Christian viewpoint.
A Course in Miracles: Is It Christian?
Criticism of A Course in Miracles doctrine, and a proposed Biblical response.
A Modern Miracle
English translation of critical comment on A Course in Miracles by Anton van Harskamp.
Apologetics Index: A Course in Miracles
Review from an evangelical Christian point of view. Features links to related articles, books, and web sites.
Skeptic's Dictionary: A Course in Miracles
Critical essay on A Course in Miracles with links to similar articles.
Watchman Fellowship Profile: A Course in Miracles
History of the movement, Course doctrine as compared to Biblical verse, and additional resources.
Rejecting the idea that transcendence requires separation from the physical body, and includes importance of the body in the spiritual process.