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A Course in Miracles
A Course in Miracles: A Biblical Evaluation, A Course in Miracles: Is It Christian?, A Modern Miracle, Apologetics Index: A Course in Miracles, Skeptic's Dictionary: A Course in Miracles, Watchman Fellowship Profile: A Course in Miracles, Wholeness
Heresies Exposed: Agnosticism, Madalyn Murray O'Hair on Agnosticism, Scientific Proof of God, Why I Don't Buy Agnosticism
The Anti-Cult Movement, The Anti-Cult Movement (a.k.a. ACM), The Crisis of the French Anticult Mission, The Oracle of Ifa and the Verdict of the Court
Christian Views, Broadcaster - Will Good Atheists Go To Hell?, Nietzsche, God and Doomsday, Origins, Theism, Atheism, and Rationality
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Esoteric and Occult
Satanism, Catholic Encyclopedia: Occultism, Environmentalism: The Deification of Nature (by Da, Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness - The Oc, Fictitious Tibet: The Origin and Persistence of Ra, For the Love of a Goth, Halloween: Treat Or Trick?, Matilda, New Covenant Ministries for Occultists, Occult Bondage: Definitions and Solutions, Occultism Revisited
Fourth Way
Enneagram, G. I. Gurdjieff (1872?-1949), NAW Aware: School or Scam?, Religion and Cults
Catholics and Secret Societies, Devil with Freemasonry, Ephesians 5:11, Free Masons--The Enemy of Islam, Freemasonry and Christianity, Freemasonry Is a Non-Christian Occult Religion, Freemasonry Proven to be Occultic, Freemasonry Resource Files, Freemasonry Watch, Freemasonry, Conspiracy Within, Initiation and the
Catholic Encyclopedia: Gnosticism, Definition of Gnosticism, Medieval Sourcebook: Bernard Gui on the Albigensia, Strange Fire: Rise of Gnosticism in the Church
Christian Views, Muslim Views, Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy, Vaishnava, Karma to Grace, Myth of One Hindu Religion exploded, Who is Rohit Vyasmaan of HinduUnity.org ?, Women in Hinduism
Christian Views, Contacts - Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Humanism's Political and Religious Beliefs, MakingYouThink, Secular Humanism: Right for America?, Why I am Not a Humanist
Ahmadiyya, Christian Views, Deendar Anjuman, Ex-Muslim, Hindu Views, Invitation to Islam, Islamism, Jewish Views, Nation of Islam, Quranites
Ritual Circumcision, God is a Killer, God is living in Japan, Judaism and Jewish Apologetics, King Solomon: Fact or Fiction, Outreach to Judaism, The Talmud
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Wicca, A Challenge to Pagans, Banished From Mystic Wicks, Contender Ministries: Wicca, Dangers of The New Age Movement, DemonBuster, Ex Pagan 4 Christ, Goddesses and Witches: Liberation and Countercultu, How to Share the Gospel with Pagans, Neopaganism's Bewitching Charms, Neopaganism, Feminism, and the New Polytheism
A Few Words on Pantheism, Apologetics in the New Age: A Christian Critique o, Catholic Encyclopedia: Pantheism, Christian Science versus Pantheism, Critical Considerations of Pantheist Religions, Definition of Pantheism, Mereological Ontological Arguments and Pantheism, Panentheism vs. Pantheism
Religious Communities
People of Hope - Holiness or Hoax?, Tsion Hadashah, When religion abuses faith
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Psychic Surgery, Catholic Encyclopedia: Spiritism, Colin Fry medium for Living TV, Didaskalos Ministries: Spiritualism, Exposing Spiritualism, Modern Spiritualism: A Subject of Prophecy and a S, Spiritualism Exposed: Margaret Fox Kane Confesses , Stewarton Bible School: Spiritism, The Birth of Spiritualism--The Story of the Fox Si, The Skeptic's Dictionary: spiritualism (spiri
Catholic Encyclopedia: Taoism, Taoism, Taoism Religion, Zen and the Art of Divebombing
Transcendental Meditation
Dictionary of the Skeptic, Maharishi Ayur-Veda: Modern Insights Into Ancient , The Basic Conflict Between Maharishi and Christian, The truth behind TM
Unitarianism and Universalism
Christian Views, Confederate Views, Universalism, Gaia and the Unitarian Universalist, Unitarian Universalist Cult or Occult? Satan&apos, Why I am Not a Unitarian Universalist, Why UU Humanism Requires Rejecting Our Humanity
Sahaja Yoga, Adi Da/Adidam, An Open Letter About Siddha Yoga, 1995, Chinmoycult.com, Critical Considerations Regarding Yoga As Spiritua, Daism Research Index, Derek Bishop's Criticism Of Avatar Adi Da Sam, Ex-Premie.Org, eXSY, False Guru, Gentle Wind Project
Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and People
Discussion of issues surrounding the Peoples Temple, sponsored by the Dept. of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Dakota.
Opposes Christian and Islamic fundamentalism, and promotes liberal religion and progressive interpretations of the Bible.
Cults of Unreason
A skeptical look at pseudoscientific religions, including Scientology, UFO cults, the Fourth Way, and Theosophy. 1974 book by Christopher Evans.
Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping (False) Prophet
Essay from a Christian point of view examines his life and work, concluding that he left a tragic legacy as a well-meaning but misguided man.
God Wars
General, critical overview of religion and religions worldwide.
God's FAQ
The only website officially sanctioned by God Himself.
Promotes rational thinking for answers to questions typically answered with God or religion. Asserts that religion is not benign and needs to be refuted.
Is Reincarnation Biblical?
A response to the claim that reincarnation can be found in the Bible.
Jesus Christ Is the Only Way to God
Opposition to Catholicism, New Age, Judaism, paganism, atheism, Buddhism, the "unsaved," and versions of the Bible other than the King James.
Jonestown Massacre Plus 20: Questions
Article written on the 20th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre; from CNN.
Proof that Religious and Mystical Doctrines are Ho
"I faithfully accepted religious teachings and submersed myself on an eight-year spiritual journey only to discover that the enlightenment offered was a deception. I felt angry and betrayed." (As told by Tracey Alexander during a series of interviews with Eric Savage).
Revealing the Truths of Christianity and Islam
Opposition to Christianity and Islam from a Hindu perspective.
A Short article from the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute.
The Christian Connection Cult Files
Criticism of non-Christian religions, and groups considered to be cults and sects.
The Page of Unreason
Information about the destructive sects Scientology, Anthroposophy, and Jehovah's Witnesses.