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Christian Views
Bible Theism vs. humanism, Christian Humanism, Faith In Humanism, Humanism Deception: Deceptive Mask for Atheism, Secular Humanism & New Age, The Religion of "Christian" Humanism
Contacts - Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
A philosophical look at theoretical anti-humanism.
Humanism's Political and Religious Beliefs
Humanism is an ideological political and religious belief that denies the existence of God
A critical examination of humanism and evolution, including finding evidence of supernaturalism in humanism and atheism.
Secular Humanism: Right for America?
Secular humanism, pervasive influence in schools, business, government. What you need to know is here.
Why I am Not a Humanist
Atheist objects to the humanistic implication that freethinkers do or should 'believe in Man'.