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Dowsing - Divine Gift, Human Ability or Occult Pow, Dowsing - Science or Humbug?, Dowsing: Divine Gift, Human Ability, or Occult Pow
Gematria and Theomatics
A New Biblical Hoax, An Impartial Opinion on the Torah Codes, Answering Islam: Mathematical Miracles in the Qur&, Barry Simon on Torah Codes, Bible Codes, Bible Codes or ELS Made Simple, Equidistant Letter Sequences, In Search of Mathematical Miracles, Is the Bible Code for Real?, Jesus Code: Uses and Abuses
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Casting Lots and Rolling Dice
A look at casting lots and using chance to make decisions.
Christian site argues that psychics rely on "familiar spirits," which are devils.
Skeptic's Dictionary: Biorhythms
Overview and analysis.
Trust the Bible
Lists Bible verses claiming that evil spirits are active in astrology, fortune-telling, mediums, and the occult.