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Ascended Masters
Maitreya, Ascended Masters: Rulers of the Darkness of this A, I AM Activity, Guy Ballard, and St Germain Exposed, Star Wars Promotes New Age False Messiah, Supreme Master Ching Hai - Oppposing Views, The Christ of the New Age Movement, Was the Logos Melchizedek?
A Light Lunch, An Apologetic Look at the Breatharianism of Jasmuh, Breatharianism, Skeptic's Dictionary: Breatharianism
Celestine Prophecy
Jeeni Criscenzo's Commentary on The Celestine, John J. Reilly Reviews The Celestine Prophecy, Skeptic's Dictionary: The Celestine Prophecy, The Celestine Prophecy: Heavenly Insight or New Ag, The Cultic Studies Journal on The Celestine Prophe, Why I Hate The Celestine Prophecy
Channeled Material, A Christian Evaluation of Channeling, A Christian Prerspective on the New Age Practice o, Cosmic Fool, Dead Spirits Acting Through The Living : Mediums a, Let Us Reason Ministries: Channeling, What is Channeling?
Chats and Forums
New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans
Christian Views
A Christian Response to the New Age Movement, Footprints of the Serpent, Introduction to the New Age Movement, Let the Son Shine, New Age Face and Facade, New Age Articles, New Age, New Age, New Age. Friend or Foe?, Premises of the New Age World View, Raider's News Update on The New Age, Revealing the New Age Movement
Biblical Discernment Ministries on Eckankar, Eckankar, A Spiritual Hoax, Eckankar, Pride, and the Devil's Rebellion, Eckankar-Related Historical Documents, Jesus and the New Age Cult of Eckankar: Is Eckanka, Surviving the Cult Eckankar, The New Age Cult of Eckankar: Possession of Consci, The Unauthorized Eckankar Page, Unauthorized Web Site Regarding Sri Darwin Gross
Legends of the Shroom
What's in a Word?
The New Age and the Iluminati - 666, The New Age Movement and Service to The Plan
Catholic Answers: Reincarnation, Reincarnation: Satan's Second-Biggest Lie, Will You Return to This World After Death?
Syncretic Beliefs
The Sin of Syncretism
Urantia Book
Evaluating The Urantia book, Skeptic´s Dictionary: The Urantia Book, The Urantia Book, The Urantia Book : A Dangerous New Age Doctrine!, Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery
Dajjal System
Islamic analysis of the system of the AntiChrist, Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, and the New World Order.
Debunking the New Age "Procession of Astrolog
Scientific data debunking the New Age astrological concept of "procession of the ages".
Evolution, Nazism, and the New Age Movement
Asserts that the Nazi god of evolution is very similar to the deity of karmic development honored by the New Age movement.
From the Esoteric Tradition to Pseudo-Science Toda
Covering current views and history of the esoteric tradition; alternative history, science and archeology.
Masters of the Blinding Light
Israeli journalist contends that there is deeply rooted anti-Semitism in the New Age movement.
New Age Movement: Reversion to Paganism
Traditional Jewish writer, Mayer Adani contends that the New Age is undermining foundations of moral society.
New Age vs. Vedic Tradition
Comparison of similarities and differences.
The Age Old New Age Movement
Explores the New Age Movement from a biblical perspective.
The New Age Movement
Theorizing New Age is a collection of eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies that are bound together by universal tolerance and moral relativism.